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How to get Yrkum Pikeaxe in Biomutant: Best one-handed weapon

A guide to finding the Yrkum Pikeaxe in Biomutant, arguably the strongest one-handed melee weapon in the game.

Many of the players within Biomutant have spent their time collecting each of the unique weapons and mounts within the game, as they fight their way through the map defeating the most powerful or elusive enemies and bosses within the world of this ARPG. While we recently covered how to get the Pri Murgel Sword, which is without a doubt the most powerful weapon in the game, you may be a fan of brutality or even you want to destroy everything in your path, so in this guide, you can learn how to find the Yrkum Pikeaxe, the ultimate one-handed weapon.

Biomutant Yrkum Pikeaxe: How to get

Yrkum Pikeaxe biomutant how to get unlock best one-handed melee weapon(Picture: THQ Nordic)

First of all, you will have to go to Sludge Deodorizum, where you will meet a giant hairy boss known as the Greasy Polliconey. To deal with him in an easier way, we recommend using any melee weapon as its short hands make it difficult to catch you.

Once you beat it, it will drop you a couple of items, one being some of its faecal rests, and the other and most important, the Deodorizum Vault Key.

Yrkum Pikeaxe biomutant how to get unlock best one-handed melee weapon(Picture: THQ Nordic)

With this key in your hands, you will activate a sidequest that is going to show you the location of a vault a few meters away from you.

Follow the indicator until you find a sealed door in an uneven entrance, interact with it, and you will have access to a big room where only one thing will be standing, the Yrkum Pikeaxe.

In its base state, this Ultimate Weapon will only have 2 stars, however, you can buy some add-ons and craft them into the Pikeaxe to maximize its power.

In the video above, you can get a visual guide to getting the Yrkum Pikeaxe, the Ultimate Melee-class weapon.

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