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How to get Pri Murgel Sword in Biomutant: Best melee weapon

Learn how to obtain the best melee weapon in all of Biomutant, the Pri Murgel Sword, with our step-by-step guide.

If you are playing Biomutant from THQ Nordic and Experiment 101, and love to get up-close-and-personal with your enemies, then you will need to find the best melee weapon, right? This guide will show you how to get the Pri Murgel Sword, one of the best weapons in the entire game. It has a fiery style that lets you incinerate any single enemy who steps in front of you, thanks to its great stats and special effects.

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Biomutant Pri Murgel Sword: How to get

best melee weapon biomutant how to get pri murgel sword(Picture: THQ Nordic / Karpo Gaming)

To start your quest for this heavy sword, you will have to go to the top of the Lumentower to activate it, however, you will need the Googlide to reach it, a waterbike obtained throughout the main story of the game that lets you travel in the water and to the island where the tower is located.

Once you arrive at the island, you will have to complete a quick puzzle to get access so you can get to the top of the Lumentower. There, you will have to interact with its Lumenlamp which will illuminate a secret cave found at a mountain, activating the sidequest called “The Beacon”.

best melee weapon biomutant how to get pri murgel sword(Picture: THQ Nordic / Karpo Gaming)

After that, a checkpoint will appear on your screen, so you will have to get down the tower, use your Googlide again and travel through the water to the new destination point. Once you arrive at the shore, you will escalate the mountain and then walk forward to the entrance of a cave full of runic symbols.

Interact with the entrance to open the cave, then enter it to explore around until you find a big space with an islet at the centre. There you will have to fight against a rolling miniboss called the Surf Huggel, although it’s very easy to deal with it if you have a good ranged weapon in your hands.

best melee weapon biomutant how to get pri murgel sword(Picture: THQ Nordic / Karpo Gaming)


Once you defeat it, you will have to activate the other three runic walls found around the room and then a short cutscene will show up, revealing the Pri Murgel Sword at the top of the islet. After this, just go for it, grab the sword and this will be finally yours.

In its base state, the Pri Murgel Sword will be a 5.5 stars weapon, however, you can buy some add-ons and craft them into the sword so you can upgrade it up to 7 stars.

In the video above, Karpo Gaming gives you a visual guide to getting the Pri Murgel Sword, the best melee weapon in Biomutant.

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