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Sol’s Trunk (Flying Suitcase), how to find in Biomutant

Sol’s Trunk is a coveted item in Biomutant and here’s how you can unlock it.
Sol’s Trunk (Flying Suitcase), how to find in Biomutant

In the promotional trailers for Biomutant, one item caught the eye of players more so than any other. This item was the flying suitcase that the main character was riding around on. Now, in the full game, we know this suitcase to be called “Sol’s Trunk.” 

Of course, even with the name known, players still want to acquire it. However, it’s not specified how you can acquire it when you play through Biomutant. You’ll need to find that information out for yourself, or keep reading below for our full guide on the flying suitcase. 

Finding Sol’s Trunk in Biomutant 

Sol’s Trunk is rewarded to you for completing a side quest. The quest is given out by Sol himself, who’s located near the Aerodome. This location is extremely hot and out of the way in the northern part of the map. To get there, you’ll need a heat-protective suit and a mount capable of traversing the many obstacles you’ll come across. We recommend using the Batnam-nam.

Biomutant sol's trunk flying suitcaseSol’s location in Biomutant. (Picture: TQNordic)

With your suit and mount in hand, make your way to Sol in the Aerodome. Getting there is tricky though, as there are a ton of enemies and hazards along the way. Once you’ve gone through all of that, Sol can be found in a run-down building with a bunch of chairs. He will pop out of a suitcase in a mini-cutscene once you find him. 

After talking to him, he’ll send you on a quest called “Without End.” This quest requires you to find three pages of Sol’s journal. You’ll need to fight a giant rabbit boss and eventually get shot up into a tornado to find the pages but the process is self-explanatory isn’t too difficult.

Return to Sol with the three pages and he’ll give you another quest, “Going Places.” In the final quest in this line, all you need to do is find Sol’s Trunk in the Aerodome Warehouse. The marker for this is on your HUD and map, so just head there and you’ll find the trunk sitting on the ground. 

Biomutant flying suitciaseSol’s Trunk in Biomutant. (Picture: TQNordic)

After you’ve found the trunk, the quest is complete and you can use the trunk freely. It’s located in your inventory under “Gear,” and it’s a backpack you’re able to wear.