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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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Best QBZ-83 loadout for Warzone Season 3

With some great buffs in Warzone Season 3, the QBR-83 has become a beast in the AR weapon class if you pick the best loadout with all the right attachments.
There's a whole lot to digest for Call of Duty players in the Warzone Season 3 update, including multiple balance changes to several guns. The QBZ-83 Assault Rifle added to the Battle Royale all the way back during the Cold War / Warzone integration, has remained at the bottom of the pack for quite some time. While not at the top of our AR Tier List for Season 3, and not one of the most overpowered weapons right now, the QBZ-83 did receive some big buffs. This will surely draw players to the weapon, especially if you use the best QBZ-83 loadout, picking all the right attachments.

Warzone S3: Best QBZ-83 loadout

With Warzone Season 3, the QBZ-83 Assault Rifle has gotten a movement speed increase, as well as an Aim Down Sight move speed increase.

Further, the neck damage multiplayer for the weapon has been changed from 1 to 1.2, and the upper torso damage multiplier has been changed from 1 to 1.1.

These balance changes are for the unique AR has provided players with more attachment options in Warzone Season 3. Taking these changes into consideration, we've come up with the best new QBZ-83 loadout, picking the attachments to melt your enemies in Verdansk 1984.

QBZWarzoneinside.jpg?_t=1619175865(Picture: Activision)

The best QBZ-83 loadout at the start of Warzone Season 3, with all the right attachments, is:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Barrel: 15.5" Reinforced Heavy Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammo: STANAG 60 Rnd Drum

For the best QBZ-83 loadout in Warzone Season 3, we went with a build that adds more damage and reduces weapon recoil by quite a lot. 

The Agency Suppressor is our obvious choice for a Muzzle since it keeps you off the radar while also decreasing recoil, increasing bullet velocity and effective damage range. Basically, more damage, which is also why we went with the 15.5" Reinforced Heavy Barrel, as the gun's recent buff movement buff compensates for the Barrel attachment's downside.

The STANAG 60 Rnd Drum adds more ammo so you don't have to reload often while on the move, which is at the centre of the QBZ-83 gameplay. The Field Agent Grip attachment further helps decrease recoil, while the Microflex LED is simply perfect for the QBZ-83's effective damage range.

If you are looking for another Assault Rifle to try out, check out our full AR Tier list for Warzone Season 3. Don't forget to also try the new guns available right now, namely the Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle, and the PPSh-41 SMG