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New Warzone map Verdansk 1984: All new POI locations in Season 3

Take your first look at the new Warzone map for Season 3, named Verdansk 1980s, including all the point of interest for players to discover.
New Warzone map Verdansk 1984: All new POI locations in Season 3

With the Destruction of Verdansk event ushering in Warzone Season 3, Call of Duty Battle Royale fans has a lot of new content to enjoy. At the top of the list is the new Verdansk 1980s map. While the layout is similar to the previous version of Verdansk, there's a bunch of new points of interest (POI) to discover. If you want to get your first look at the new Warzone map, we've got you covered with the full layout, POI locations, and more.

Warzone S3 Verdansk 1980s POI locations

Let's not beat around the bush here, Verdansk 1980s is roughly the same size as the original Verdansk, and features 22 POI locations. These locations are filled with loot, and some of them such as Salt Mine and Superstore might be highly contested.

Check out the map of Verdansk 1980s with all named locations thanks to WarzoneBlog on Twitter.

New Warzone Season 3 map Verdansk 1980s POI locations(Picture: WarzoneBlog)

As you can see, there are some interesting locations to explore in Verdansk 1980s. The new Superstore and the new Stadium might just be the most popular new locations to drop into.

Check out the first images of both Superstore and Stadium below.

Warzone 1984 Stadium:

New Warzone Season 3 map Verdansk 1980s POI locations

Check out a more detailed look at Stadium right here

Warzone 1984 Superstore:

New Warzone Season 3 map Verdansk 1980s POI locations

Something worth nothing is that the inside of the Superstore is not destroyed as it used to be. 

Summit Verdansk 1984 

summit verdansk

Dam has been replaced by an open long bridge and a new section that forms the Summit POI.

Airplane Factory Verdansk 1984

airplane factory verdansk

Here's a first look at a brand new POI next to the Superstore.

Standoff Verdansk 1984


Standoff replaces Farmland in the 80s version of Verdansk.

Salt Mine Verdansk 1984

salt mine

Say goodbye to good old Quarry as Salt Mine will take its place moving forward.

Old Mine Verdansk 1984

old mine verdansk

This brand-new POI is located in the north side of the map, doesn't replace any known locations.


POI in Verdansk 1984:

  • Military Base
  • Summit
  • Salt Mine
  • Array
  • TV Station
  • Airport
  • Storage Town
  • Superstore
  • Factory
  • Stadium
  • Lumber
  • Hospital
  • Downtown
  • Standoff
  • Boneyard
  • Train Station
  • Promenade East
  • Promenade West
  • Hills
  • Park
  • Port
  • Prison
  • Airplane Factory

As with all Battle Royale maps, the new Warzone Season 3 map boasts a whole lot of rewards in the named areas with the drawback being many of these areas could be highly contested at the start of the season, as players learn which drop locations work for them.

The layout of Verdansk 1980s looks quite similar to that of the original, however, so players shouldn't feel too disoriented when dropping in.