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All new Legendary weapons in COD Mobile Season 7

Here is your first look at the Legendary and Mythic weapons and gadgets players can get in COD: Mobile’s Season 7, “Elite of the Elite”.
All new Legendary weapons in COD Mobile Season 7

The release of Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 7 aka “Elite of the Elite” will bring new maps, modes, balance changes, features and events for players to enjoy, and as always, a brand-new battle pass packed with exclusive rewards.

Among the most awaited content for the season, we will find the priced legendary and mythic weapons. These are skin variations for some of the best and newest guns in COD Mobile that features lots of changes into the weapons, like renewed models, special effects, and unique animations.

Legendary weapons in COD Mobile Season 7

All of these weapon skins will be available through the Lucky Draws during Season 7, although some of these could also be obtained as blueprints. With that said, let’s take a closer look at all five legendary weapons added in this new season.

AK117 - Aesir

COD Mobile Season 7 AK117 Aesir
This skin features lots of reference to the Vikings. (Picture: MURDABLAST)

Hades - Void Sender

COD Mobile Season 7 Hades Void Sender
The first skin for the recently added Hades resembles one released for the Bizon. (Picture: MURDABLAST)

M4LMG - Salamander

COD Mobile Season 7 M4LMG Salamander
The Salamander skin seems likes taken out from a sci-fi story. (Picture: MURDABLAST)

QQ9 - Moonlight

COD Mobile Season 7 QQ9 Moonlight
Look at the unstable core of the Moonlight skin for the QQ9. (Picture: MURDABLAST)

BK75 - Flash Freeze

COD Mobile Season 7 BK75 Flash Freeze
This style for the BK75 makes it look perfect for extreme weathers. (Picture: MURDABLAST)

As you can see, the AK117 skin is mostly inspired by a new Viking-themed event called Odinsong, featuring golden details and surrounded by a misty aura. What stands out the most is undoubtedly its ax-shaped hilt. Also, when you get eliminations with it, a shower of icy arrows will fall on your enemies from the sky.

The one for the Hades looks very similar to a skin released for the Bizon, but besides this, it looks really neat and somewhat elegant, while the M4LMG’s Salamander style makes it look like it was taken out of a sci-fi reality, with lots of high-tech details and a rotating barrel.

The third legendary skin for the QQ9 has a very clean and menacing look, as it resembles a similar style to the Salamander, but with an irradiating energy core. Lastly, the BK75 skin is the least attractive of them all, as it seems kind of bulky like if it was covered with a protective layer.

You can see them all in action in the video we will share below, courtesy of Squally.

Although this time there is no Mythic weapon skin for Season 7, you will find legendary styles for both the Wingsuit and the Helicopter, available as well through the Lucky Draws.

COD Mobile’s Season 7 “Elite of the Elite” will be available for Android and iOS devices on 25th August.

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