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COD: Mobile LMG tier list - Every Light Machine Gun ranked from worst to best for Season 4

What is the best LMG in COD: Mobile? Here we rank all Light Machine Guns for COD: Mobile Season 4, check out to find which Light Machine Gun is the best.
COD: Mobile LMG tier list - Every Light Machine Gun ranked from worst to best for Season 4

COD: Mobile Season 4 is here and it has brought an abundance of new content.

The MK2 Carbine has been added to the arsenal of available weapons, which you can unlock via the Spurned & Burned Battle Pass.

The new season has also brought Hawk X3 Scorestreak, Heartbeat Sensor, Russian Merc - Iron Hunter, and more.

Asides from the brand new content, the most important thing that has arrived with Season 4 are massive balancing changes across all weapon classes.

When it comes to LMGs, developers had this to say about changes:

"We aim to strengthen the accuracy and damage efficiency of LMGs to ensure that suppression is possible at 30 meters away while also strengthening their overall capabilities at different ranges."

With these changes, LMGs will perform differently in Season 4, and devs hope that they will become a more interesting option for players who prefer the playstyle LMGs have to offer.

Despite these changes, you should still keep in mind that LMGs are best used in close range due to their overall poor accuracy. You should also know that you will be significantly slower, as the negative side of these guns is that they are hindering your mobility.

The upsides of LMGs are their immense firepower and high magazine capacity, which will allow you to stay in a close-quarter fight longer without a need for reloading.

With all that being said, let's check out our LMGs tier list for COD: Mobile Season 4.

What is the best LMG in COD: Mobile Season 4?


5. UL736 

the best LMG in COD: Mobile Season 4
(Picture: Activision)

We are placing the UL736 in the last place not because it is a particularly bad weapon, but because it doesn't really provide things that we find important for a Light Machine Gun.

It has the best range and mobility in the class, and you might see it as a hybrid weapon, but due to its poor damage and fire rate, it doesn't really fulfil a role you will usually want to take when using LMGs.

Asides from that, accuracy is still on par with other LMGs (poor), and that makes its longer-range capabilities less important.

4. RPD

the best LMG in COD: Mobile Season 4
(Picture: Activision)

Next on our list is the RPD. This fully automatic LMG has solid damage paired with excellent accuracy for the LMG class.

The fire rate is excellent as well, but you should know that this weapon comes with crippled mobility, which can have a severely negative effect on your game.

The weapon is overall very hard to control, so while it can be deadly, you will need to adjust and have a very specific playstyle if you want to see any good results.

3. Chopper

the best LMG in COD: Mobile Season 4
(Picture: Activision)

The good old Chopper is taking the number 3 spot. The weapon has an outstanding fire rate and it comes with solid basic damage.

Other stats aren't bad either but aren't exactly great as well, and thus the Chopper can be considered as a great versatile weapon in this class.

Perfect choice if you are often changing playstyle and your approach in combat. There is no better LMG for players who like to start on long distances and then quickly switch to close-range combat.

2. S36

the best LMG in COD: Mobile Season 4
(Picture: Activision)

In our opinion, the S36 is the second-best weapon in this class. With its rapid rate of fire and excellent accuracy, the S36 will be quite useful in all kinds of situations.

Great mobility and solid range mean that you can quickly switch positions without being punished while being able to eliminate threats on the move.

1. M4LMG

the best LMG in COD: Mobile Season 4
(Picture: Activision)

Finally, in our opinion, the M4LMG is by far the best LMG available in COD: Mobile. 

This fully automatic light machine gun comes with a solid fire rate while being really accurate. The best thing is that this is the only LMG with higher damage in default settings - 46.

It is overall a really balanced LMG that provides not just raw power, but also is quite easy to control and it performs well on various ranges.

You will never make a mistake if you chose this weapon, it will always be a reliable gun. The only real downside of the M4LMG is its mobility, but that's generally something you need to expect from LMGs, as they are a slow class by design.

And with that said, we are wrapping out our list of best LMGs in COD: Mobile Season 4.

We hope that this list was helpful and if you want to learn more about COD: Mobile, check out our COD: Mobile Sniper tier list or COD: Mobile Shotgun tier list.