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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Season 1 roadmap: When Gas Grenade, Seasonal Event and more release

Not all the content for COD Mobile Season 1 released at once, as the content roadmap reveals when the Gas Grenade and Seasonal Event releases.
With the COD: Mobile Season 1 update now out, including a shiny new Battle Pass, new weapons, the Battle Royale Blitz mode and more, players might be wondering where certain content is.

Some content is still missing from COD: Mobile Season 1, including the Gas Grenade item, 3v3 Gunfight, the new Desperado class and more. Thankfully, there's the COD: Mobile Season 1 content roadmap, revealing when new additions will get released.

COD: Mobile Season 1 Content Roadmap

If you are wondering where the new Gas Grenade item is, or when a new Seasonal Event will kick off in COD: Mobile, we've got you covered.

While the developers did not share the exact release dates for the Gas Grenade and new seasonal event, alongside the 3v3 gunfight mode and Attack of the Undead 20, they did share release windows.

COD Mobile Season 1 roadmap attack of the undead 20 gas grenade seasonal event BR class(Picture: Activision)

Check out the full content roadmap for COD: Mobile Season 1 New Order below.

Early February: 

  • 3v3 Gunfight Mode
  • Fight for Humanity Seasonal Event
  • Gas Grenade


  • Attack of the Undead 20
  • Desperado Battle Royale class
  • SKS weapon challenges
  • GKS Kitsune skin
  • UL737 Solar Wind skin (via Credit Store)

COD Mobile Season 1 roadmap attack of the undead 20 gas grenade seasonal event BR class(Picture: DannyIntel)

While COD: Mobile Season 1 does have some great content to look forward to, and brand-new content already released, some players are not happy about the growing number of bugs in Battle Royale.

Hopefully, with some of these upcoming updates, the developer will fix bugs in the Battle Royale mode as well.