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COD Mobile Season 4 - New maps, modes, and more

Activision has unveiled the details for COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs new maps and modes, here's a complete overview of the exciting new season.
COD Mobile Season 4 - New maps, modes, and more

Activision has announced the details of the upcoming season for Call of Duty Mobile. The new COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs will be released on 27th April at 8 pm ET (1 am GMT on 28th April). With the new season, ranks will reset, a new battle pass will be available, maps, tournament modes, balance changes, and more.

COD Mobile Season 4 brings loads of new in-game content including four new operators, loads of weapon blueprints, new weapons, and more. Here are the complete details about COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs.

COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs overview

COD Mobile Season 4 patch notes
CODM Season 4 Wild Dogs features an all-new Battle Pass and rewards. (Picture: Activision)

COD Mobile Season 4 Tournament Mode

The thrilling new Tournament Mode is officially launching in Season 4. Players can now jump into a new competitive mode that runs for two seasons, similar to Ranked Series, and offers a wide variety of new rewards.

Prove your skills in battles and win amazing rewards like the limited Red Sprite collector Epic camouflages. Other awesome MVP actions and CP rewards are also available through Tournament Mode.

New map COD Mobile Season 4 - Satellite

COD Mobile Season 4 Satellite map
The new map, Satellite is available for action in CODM Season 4. (Picture: Activision)

A satellite has crashed into the desert and many have come to fight to claim the wreckage. The new map, Satellite, is now available to play. Players will encounter lurking enemies in the caves around the wreckage and snipers behind dunes. Prepare to fight in this dangerous desert and recover the fallen satellite debris!

New map COD Mobile Season 4 - Khandor Hideout

COD Mobile Season 4 Khandor Hideout map
Khandor Hideout is another new map in COD Mobile Season 4. (Picture: Activision)

Another new map for players to enjoy, Khandor Hideout is now available. The once peaceful town has now become a dangerous garrison point. Whether it is at the laboratory, garages, or residential buildings, players should be ready for intense combat. The central laboratory of the map will be a strategic control point and worth holding for a tactical advantage.

Ground War - COD Mobile Season 4 new mode

The new 12v12 Ground War gameplay is going live in Season 4. Get ready to jump into large maps with more players, vehicles, and multiple control points. Be warry that the initial stages of this could be some overstressed lobbies, so check out our guide if the COD Mobile servers go down.

Sandstorm's Eye - COD Mobile Season 4 new mode

COD Mobile Season 4 Sandstorm's Eye
Sandstorm’s Eye is a new themed event in CODM Season 4. (Picture: Activision)

Season 4 also marks the introduction of Sandstorm's Eye Battle Royale. In the new game mode, wherever a sandstorm strikes, desert crates, and special treasures appear. In Season 4's BR, sandstorms will appear randomly in the desert city. Watch your steps when you enter the sandstorm areas to loot treasures, as a small tornado may appear and carry you away.

You can read up on our guide detailing the new mode to make sure you're ready to play for the start of Season 4 Wild Dogs.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.