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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass' early release cause lost tiers and chaos

The COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass released over a dozen hours earlier than expected, causing players to lose out on Season 4 Battle Pass tiers and more.
While everyone and their pet K9 Unit was excited for the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass to release at 17:00 PT on 28th June, or 01:00 BST on 29th June, we guess someone over at Activision got a little too excited. Yes, the Season 5 Battle Pass update button was pressed over a dozen hours before it should have been, and we suggest next time someone puts a sticky saying "do not press" next to it.

While for many who've been looking forward to the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass, entitled "In Deep Water" might celebrate the early launch, it is also causing chaos for some players, as the Spurned & Burned Season 4 Battle Pass has disappeared...

Lost tiers following early CODM Battle Pass release

Why are people upset that the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass released early? Well, there's actually a good reason.

Some players have not finished levelling up their Spurned & Burned (Season 4) Battle Pass just yet, and every hour counts. Via a Battle Pass, players can earn back CP to purchase the new one, for example, so not reaching the desired level by getting cut off really hurts.

On Reddit, a player going by the name SummonerKai complained how they lost 15 Tiers due to the Battle Pass releasing early, and Activision's COD Mobile account responded.

COD Mobile Season 5 Battle pass early release lost tiers Season 4 activision update
(Picture: Reddit)

As you can see, Activision is looking into this. That's about all we know so far, and there's no indication of what the developer's next steps would be.

It is important to note that since roughly 11:00 BST, the deployment of the new update has been halted (until official release) by Activision, which is a good first step.

One can assume they might provide players with some free tiers or CP to make up for the mistake but that's just speculation on our part. 

Keep in mind players paid for their premium Battle Passes, with an exact, expected end date. Making this situation a bit harder to fix, is the fact that once released early, others started throwing their wallets at the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass.

COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass update early release lost tiers season 4 activision
(Picture: Activision)

At the time of writing, there's no indication of what will happen, and how Activision will handle the situation. Right now, some players are highly upset that the Season 4 Battle Pass ended early, and some claim they can't purchase the new one as they are short a few CP, which they could have attained in the last hours of the Spurned & Burned Battle Pass.

We will update you once Activision provides a solution to this ordeal, as lost tiers and all this panic isn't a great way to start a new season.

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