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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Season 5: How to play Ground Mission mode

COD Mobile Season 5 will bring two new modes, and one of them is the Ground Mission mode and here is a guide on how to play it, explaining the rules, gameplay, and more.
COD Mobile Season 5 will release on 28th June (PDT) / 29th June (UTC) and will be bringing a ton of features, including new maps, weapons, Battle Pass and more, along with a bunch of improvements and optimizations. There will be two modes introduced to the game with the patch called Cranked: Confirmed and Ground Mission. 

While Cranked: Confirmed is a mix of Cranked and Kill Confirmed modes, Ground Mission will take Domination to a bigger stage where players can enjoy the 10v10 battles on a bigger map. The mode will be available to play on the Aniyah Incursion that will also be arriving in COD Mobile Season 5, and here is a guide on how you can play this mode.

COD Mobile Season 5 - Ground Mission Mode

COD Mobile Season 5 Ground Mission mode on Aniyah Incursion map
Aniyah Incursion (Picture: Activision)
  • A total of 20 players will participate in a single match of Ground Mission mode, and they will be divided into two teams.
  • Both the teams will have to fight against each other to capture five locations or points in different rounds, and the rounds will go on for ten minutes.
  • Each time a team captures a point or location, one point is credited to them.
  • The team or faction to score 300 points first wins the match.

Players will be able to download the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 update from Google Play Store and App Store after it is out.

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