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How to get Rosa - Double Agent in COD: Mobile Season 6

The COD: Mobile Season 6 battle pass will add the much anticipated Rosa - Double Agent epic character, and here's how you can get it for yourself.
The COD: Mobile Season 6 update has been released and has added a ton of new content to the game, including new maps, weapons, modes and more. In addition to this, a brand new battle pass, The Heat, will be starting from July 30, in which players can use Battle Pass XP to level up through various tiers and earn various rewards like operators, scorestreaks, camos etc.

Among all these, Rosa - Double Agent epic character is one of the most anticipated rewards. The character was spotted in the leaks earlier and will finally arrive in the game on July 30.

COD: Mobile Season 6 - How to unlock Rosa - Double Agent

How to get Rosa Double Agent in COD Mobile Season 6
Epic Characters in COD Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass (Picture: Activision)

Rosa - Double Agent will be available in Tier 1 of the COD: Mobile Season 6 battle pass. So, in order to get her, you will have to buy the battle pass, and Rosa will get unlocked instantly along with the other Tier 1 rewards that include ICR-1 - Blood Money, Calling Card - Escape in Style and a new Charm.

Rosa has also been spotted in the COD Mobile Season 6 teaser that you can watch here:

Players can buy the Season 6 battle pass for 220 CP and the battle pass bundle for 520 CP.

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