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Conan Exiles Frost Lotus Flowers – Locations & Uses

Get ready to survive the Frozen North to farm the rare Frost Lotus Flowers. Here's how to find and use them for crafting in Conan Exiles.
Conan Exiles Frost Lotus Flowers – Locations & Uses

Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles are valuable resources that can be farmed throughout The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah. However, with different types of these florae, many of which are used to craft alchemy items like potions and elixirs, none are more sought-after than the Frost Lotus Flower in Conan Exiles. But the question remains: where can you find it? If you're interested in learning more about this flower's location, read on. This guide will detail how to find Frost Lotus Flowers and how to use them in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.

Conan Exiles Lotus Flower Location: Where To Find It

 conan exiles plant guide frost lotus flowers how to find all map locations the exiled lands bridge of the betrayer
Plenty of Frost Lotus Flowers are growing around the Bridge of the Betrayer location in The Exiled Lands. (Picture: YouTube / KiahOnFire)

Unlike Crimson Lotus Flowers, Frost Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles are readily found in the snowy biome of The Temple of Frost in The Exiled Lands. However, if you’re playing on the Isle of Siptah, it is geographically locked to one specific area, making it even harder to obtain.

Exploring the cold environment of The Temple of Frost will require you to equip armor that has Cold Resistance, like the Vanir or Godbreaker armor set; however, this is quite difficult to acquire. Carrying a torch can keep the Cold status effect at bay, and consuming spicy foods like Spiced Steak or Haunch should keep you warm.

As for where to find Frost Lotus Flowers growing in The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah, we’ve provided the exact locations, with coordinates and descriptions to farm these flowers in Conan Exiles below.

All Frost Lotus Flower Locations In Conan Exiles:
  • Isle of Siptah:
    • Volary of the Harpy (E10): The Frost Lotus Flowers can be seen growing around the vault entrance
  • The Exiled Lands:
    • Bridge of the Betrayer (E11): Cross the bridge and explore the area beneath the ruins where you can farm a few Frost Lotus Flowers
    • Undergate (E11): Explore the frozen area in front of this dungeon, where two Frost Lotus Flowers can be found.
    • Ruins of Xullan (F11): A few Frost Lotus Flowers surround the ruins' exterior near the Bridge of the Betrayer.
    • Icespire Chasm (G11): The location where most of the Frsot Lotus Flowers spawns is scattered around this vista and along the lake.

It's important to note that when harvesting Frost Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles, you can use a pickaxe, a sickle, and the Word of Power: Mass Cull to gather more flowers and acquire seeds. You can also add points to the Expertise skill to get the Efficient or Careful Harvest perk, which lets you gain double the resources on the final hit or when harvesting.

How To Use Frost Lotus Flowers In Conan Exiles

conan exiles plant guide frost lotus flowers how to find how to use farming harvesting
When harvesting the Frost Lotus Flowers, you can use a pickaxe or sickle to collect the resources. (Picture: Funcom)

It’s believed that alchemists initially couldn’t identify any potent status effects when utilizing the Frost Lotus Flower or Powder when ground. However, thanks to what we know about the Lotus Burner Guardian Torso golem part, we can identify at least one of the status effects the flower provides.

When the flowers or powder is placed in the burner inside the chest piece, it gives off a smoke that can increase Stamina regeneration to nearby allies. The flowers can also be used to produce Lotus Flower Potion, which gives the character a minor Poison status effect along with one of the random buffs listed below:

  • 15% Agility Weapon Damage bonus
  • 50 Armor
  • 45 Carry Weight
  • 21 Stamina

It’s possible to get Alcohol Poisoning from drinking this potion when reaching Drunk Level 5, which the effects stack over time. Also, drinking this potion can summon a wisp leading to The Black Keep dungeon (F12).

conan exiles plant guide frost lotus flowers how to find how to use gardening planter seeds
Use the Frost Lotus Flower seeds in a Planter with Potent Compost to grow the flowers for easy access. (Picture: YouTube / KiahOnFire)

The Frost Lotus Powder in Conan Exiles can also produce potions and elixirs like the Elixir of Might, Numbing, and Vigor, which boosts various stats. Lastly, should you acquire the seeds, these can be used in a Planter and Potent Compost to grow the Frost Lotus Flowers in abundance.

And that completes this guide on how to find Frost Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel KiahOnFire for its detailed walkthrough on the location of this rare but invaluable flower in the game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.

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