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How To Get Lotus Burner Guardian Torso In Conan Exiles

The Lotus Burner Guardian Torso is a valuable part that can be effective when assembling combat golems. Here's how to get it in Conan Exiles.
How To Get Lotus Burner Guardian Torso In Conan Exiles

Conan ExilesGolem Shaping is a game-changing mechanic that lets you build a golem that can be used for harvesting or combat. As various types of golem parts have unique buffs that can be valuable depending on what you’re using the golem for, one part in particular, the Lotus Burner Guardian Torso, can be beneficial for building combat golems.

So if you’re wondering how to get the Lotus Burner Guardian Torso won’t have to go through tedious methods to obtain it. This guide explains how to get the Lotus Burner Guardian Torso and how to use it in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.

Conan Exiles Age Of Sorcery: How To Get Lotus Burner Guardian Torso

The Lotus Burner Guardian Torso is one of the more powerful golem parts players can acquire in Conan Exiles. This specific part, however, takes plenty of luck as this is an RNG drop that can be found inside most chests, although it’s not yet known if this is on The Exiled Lands, the Isle of Siptah, or both.

conan exiles golem guide lotus burner guardian torso how to get golem shaping
Acquiring the Lotus Burner Guardian Torso item won't be too complicated for players to find in-game. (Picture: Funcom)

It doesn’t appear that the item can be crafted at the Golem Workbench, so this chest piece is a loot item, but it can be obtained through other means. Defeating Kurak at his boss dungeon at Mek-kamoses's Spire has been confirmed to drop this chest piece item along with other loot, and don’t forget to collect The Robes of Kurak armor set inside the dungeon.

Additionally, all sorcerers, once defeated, will drop this chest piece item, and various bosses throughout the world can drop it too. You can also locate Master Carver Huang, from whom you can learn the Golem Constructor Knowledge before attempting Golem Shaping.

This NPC will sell the chest piece, which rotates every few hours depending on whether you’re on a server or playing locally. This does mean you’ll have to visit Master Carver Huang to check if he’s selling the chest piece, for which you can purchase for 200 Blood Crystals.

conan exiles golem guide lotus burner guardian torso how to get master carver huang
You can purchase the item from Master Carver Haung for 200 Blood Crystals. (Picture: YouTube / Pixelcave)

Once you have the Lotus Burner Guardian Torso piece in your Inventory, craft the remaining golem parts before heading to the Guardian Assembly Station to assemble them. Upon inspecting the official in-game description, the Lotus Burner Guardian Torso can ignite Lotus flowers as incense and harvest enemy corpses automatically.

This built-in burner works with all known Lotus flowers and powders; however, it’s been revealed that powders give much stronger effects and buffs, which last longer than the flowers. All you’ll need to do is interact with the golem, and from your Inventory, drag the Lotus flower or powder to the golem before instructing it to follow you.

This sees the golem processing the Lotus flower or powder, which triggers its corresponding buff, but it can be voided if it no longer follows you and can be gained by you and your friendly players but not active followers. Seven types of Lotus flowers grant you unique buffs when the golem consumes the flowers or powder, as we've listed below:

  • Black Lotus: Cleanses all Corruption effects over time
  • Crimson Lotus: Cleanses all Bleed and Poison status effects over time
  • Frost Lotus: Increased Stamina regeneration
  • Golden Lotus: Increased healing regeneration
  • Grey Lotus: Increased Strength and Ability Weapon Damage
  • Purple Lotus: Increased Armor
  • Yellow Lotus: Less likely to trigger enemy aggro

And that completes this guide on how to get the Lotus Burner Guardian Torso in Conan Exiles, and we want to thank the YouTube channel Pixelcave for their complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.