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Conan Exiles Infinite Stamina Build: Best Attributes, Armor, Skills & More

Learn how to run, dash, sprint, and attack without consuming Stamina with this Infinite Stamina build in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.
Conan Exiles Infinite Stamina Build: Best Attributes, Armor, Skills & More

The Isle of Siptah’s traversal can be complicated for Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery players traveling from one point to another without using Mounts. To make matters worse, due to the Map Room's inability to function in this region, all your time will be spent atop a Mount or on foot, constantly consuming Stamina. But don't worry -- we have a solution.

If you’re wondering how to mitigate this problem, we've assembled the best Infinite Stamina build in Conan Exiles that maximizes Attribute perks and armor, increasing your Stamina recovery and allowing you to attack. This guide explores the best Infinite Stamina build perfect to utilize on the Isle of Siptah in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.

What Is The Best Stamina Build In Conan Exiles?

conan exiles build guide best infinite stamina isle of siptah fast travel map room
With the Map Room's functionality unable to work on the Isle of Siptah, much of your travels are spent on a Mount or on foot. (Picture: Funcom)

While the Stamina issue is fine on the Exiled Lands, as the Map Room makes fast traveling possible, the same can't be said for the Isle of Siptah. This makes this Infinite Stamina build in Conan Exiles incredibly vital. Specifically, it maximizes the Attribute perks granting you a better Stamina recovery rate without compromising your attacks and basic actions. This does, however, come at the cost of being more durable thanks to the Heavy Armor pieces, which grant you Health Pool (HP) bonuses, but it's a necessary sacrifice.

Conan Exiles Infinite Stamina Build: Best Attributes, Stats & Perks

This build primarily focuses on increasing your Health Pool (HP) and Stamina; therefore, it will scale on Attributes connected to them, like Vitality, Authority, and Expertise. That said, this build won’t require many Corrupted Levels (as it decreases your HP and Stamina), which is especially true considering that you’ll take on more enemies when farming the resources they drop.

  • Strength: 5
  • Agility: 20 (Max)
  • Vitality: 20 (Max)
  • Authority: 0
  • Grit: 5
  • Expertise: 10


Choosing Strength over Agility determines the damage dealt by Strength-based weapons and increases your load. As you won’t be maxing your Strength in this Conan Exiles build, this does let you corrupt this attribute to boost your damage output significantly.

  • Heavy Blows: Deal 10% more damage using heavy and special attacks.


If you opt for Agility over Strength, you may get some Stamina back, boosting your damage output from Agility-based weapons. Additionally, you can gain armor penetration; any movement will reduce Stamina but make you much faster.

  • Precision Strike: Your armor penetration is increased by 10% if you carry a light or medium load.
  • Rolling Thrust: Your next attack will increase penetration by 25% after dodging, and the follow-up swing won’t cost Stamina.


The Vitality attribute primarily deals with your health or HP, which you’ll max out to gain the various perks for this Infinite Stamina build in Conan Exiles. Because you’ve corrupted your HP and Stamina, you’ll need as much HP regeneration as possible, so you’ll need to spend your points in Vitality.

  • Fast Healer: Healing effects will give you 50% increased healing.
  • Glutton for Punishment: After taking damage, the last damage taken will regenerate for 15 seconds.


The Grit attribute will influence your Stamina pool's size and directly affect the armor equipped. As HP and Stamina will be a massive issue with this build due to the Armor weight, you’ll need to get the perks to help you regain that Stamina.

  • Tenacity: Your armor is increased by 40 and your Stamina by 20.


The final Attribute category deals with the encumbrance: how much load or weight you can carry and which armor, weapons, and tools can contribute. This will affect your Stamina as the heavier the load; the more Stamina will be used to perform actions like dashing, running, and for the build, gathering resources.

  • Efficient Harvest: The last hit landed on a node during harvesting awards you double resources

Conan Exiles Infinite Stamina Build: Best Weapons, Armor & More

conan exiles build guide best infinite stamina best armor pieces heavy health pool hp bonuses
The armor pieces to equip will grant you significant HP bonuses despite their armor weight. (Picture: Funcom)

After distributing the Attribute Points into the relevant pools, we can start equipping the best weapons, armor, and tools to complement the Infinite Stamina build for Conan Exiles. The primary objective is to ensure your character can maneuver efficiently for longer periods when in and out of combat.

We’ll not utilize an armor set but rather various pieces that grant you different armor bonuses. While each piece is classified as Heavy Armor, excluding the Gloves, the benefit is that they’ll give you massive HP bonuses and can be crafted by a T4 Armorer Thrall. We've listed the armor pieces below:

  • Black Knight Hood
  • Frost Giant’s Chestpiece
  • Gloves of Jhil
  • Cimmerian Steel Tasset
  • Voidforged Dragon Boots

The boots and the gloves will bring down the Armor Value to prevent the armor from weighing you down further or possibly over-encumbering you. Moreover, Agility-based weapons like the Voidforge Gladius are the best options as this has a Poison buff when attacking enemies. You’ll need to apply the Balance Weapon Fitting upgrade on it.

Furthermore, you will also need a shield for this build, and any shield can function well. While the build works well for most endgame PvE and PvP activities, the Shield of the Grey Ones is your best pick. This shield doesn’t add much to your Armor value, has a Bleed buff, and boasts quite a high Durability stat.

conan exiles build guide best infinite stamina tier 4 thralls craft weapons armor
T4 Armorer and Blacksmith Thralls can craft the best weapons and armor pieces for this build. (Picture: Funcom)

This Infinite Stamina build for Conan Exiles differs from previous builds covered because it utilizes various Sigils to enhance stats, grant unique buffs, and other bonuses. For instance, the Sigil of the Fiend reduces the amount of Stamina consumed for every swing, and the Sigil of the Demon allows you to run, dash, and sprint without consuming Stamina.

You can attack and run infinitely with these Sigils, the Gloves of Jhil, and the Agility perks. Lastly, the Sigil of Jhil’s Brood will reduce fall damage which can be somewhat helpful in surviving plummeting falls. However, having this specific Sigil is unnecessary, as you’ll depend on Elixir of Vigor and Savory Jerky to replenish your HP.

And that completes this guide on the best Infinite Stamina build in Conan Exiles, and we want to thank the YouTube channel FireSpark81 for their complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.

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