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Conan Exiles Ironstone: How To Get And Use Iron

An accessible material available, Iron can be crafted into many items, including weapons and armor, so here's how to find them in Conan Exiles.
Conan Exiles Ironstone: How To Get And Use Iron

Plenty of valuable resources and materials, like wood, can be found in abundance in Conan Exiles. This can be said for Ironstone, which is vital to your gameplay progression early in the game, as you'll need to use it to craft weapons and armor.

Therefore, players must accumulate a surplus of Iron Bars, but to get it, you must first farm for Ironstone. This guide details how to find Ironstone, make Iron Bars, and use this material best in Conan Exiles.

How To Find Iron In Conan Exiles?

Ironstone, or Iron Ore, is one of the most accessible minerals players can locate, mine, and use to produce Iron Bars. This, in turn, can be utilized mainly in crafting and building a vast array of items, including furnishings, weapons, tools, and armor, especially when starting in Conan Exiles.

conan exiles resources guide ironstone iron how to find farming isle of siptah
Ironstone or Iron Ore can be found throughout The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah. (Picture: Funcom)

With the arrival of the Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 update, Iron is also used for Golem Shaping, especially when constructing the Golem Workbench and various Assembly Stations. It’s therefore highly prioritized that you should start farming for Ironstone once you’ve unlocked the Blacksmith Knowledge and completed it to begin producing Iron Bars.

As Ironstone can be found everywhere on The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah, there are too many locations to name for finding this mineral. However, a few places have high concentrations of Ironstone nodes appearing, and we’ve listed them all down below:

All The Exiled Lands Ironstone Locations In Conan Exiles:
  • The Dirgewood (A/B11)
  • The Tower of Bats dungeon (E/F5)
  • Godclaw Passage (E10)
  • Lookout Point (I5)
  • Descent of Dagon (L/M6)
All The Isle of Siptah Ironstone Locations In Conan Exiles:
  • The Claws (E8)
  • The Bloodmine (F6/7)
  • Temple of the Loon (G4/5)
  • The Northwood (M11)
  • Imui’s Pathway (N8)

There aren’t many requirements when farming Ironstone other than having a durable pick or pickaxe to attack the nodes and farm the mineral. From there, you’ll need to craft Iron Bars before utilizing them in other applications, which can be done by placing two Ironstones inside the Charcoal Kiln to receive an Iron Bar.

How To Use Iron In Conan Exiles?

conan exiles resources guide ironstone iron how to use iron bars crafting workbenches guardian assembly station golem shaping
Iron Bars are used to build various workbenches, including the Guardian Assembly Station, required for Golem Shaping. (Picture: Funcom)

By far the most versatile resource used in Conan Exiles, Ironstone can be turned into Iron Bars, which can be used in multiple crafting applications. Iron Bars are an essential material used when building various structures at the Construction Hammer, including the following listed below:

Various armor pieces can be crafted using Iron Bars at the Armorer’s Bench, including Climbing Boots, Gloves, and Spiderclimb Boots. Similarly, specific armor sets, like the Acheronian Legate, Aquilonian Infantry, and Royal sets, can be produced at any Armorer’s Bench with additional materials required.

Higher variants of certain armor sets will require Iron Bars and the Improved Armorer’s Bench to craft, which should be worth investing in. Using Iron Bars and other necessary materials, you decorate your base with unique base furnishings that can be made at the Artisan Table, such as braziers, cutlery, crockery, statues, and torches.

conan exiles resources guide ironstone iron how to use iron bars crafting base furnishings building structures
Using Iron Bars, you can also craft various building structures, decorations, and furnishings for your base. (Picture: Funcom)

Lastly, Iron-based weaponry can be made using Iron Bars like daggers, hatchets, and maces, along with various farming and mining tools like cleavers, picks, and sickles. The Serpent-man weapons are the most prominent set of weapons that requires Iron Bars and are easy early-game weapons to acquire before gaining better Iron weapons later.

And that completes this guide on getting Iron in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Gaming Tutorials with Johny for the complete breakdown of finding and using Ironstone Ice in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.