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How To Get Sacrificial Blood In Conan Exiles (Farming Guide)

Do you need to get Sacrificial Blood faster? Here's a guide detailing the best farming method to get Sacrificial Blood in Conan Exiles.
How To Get Sacrificial Blood In Conan Exiles (Farming Guide)

To master sorcery in The Exiled Lands, you’ll have to perform questionable acts that allow you to gain more power, thus increasing the Corruption within. This includes sacrificing helpless NPCs to acquire and craft an essential item for sorcery: Sacrificial Blood in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery. However, the methods of obtaining it can get tedious. But don't worry. This guide will detail the best farming method that you can use to get the Sacrificial Blood in Conan Exiles. So without delay, let's get started.

Best Ways To Farm Sacrificial Blood In Conan Exiles

conan exiles farming guide sacrificial blood sacrificial stone how to craft
Before binding an NPC to the Sacrificial Stone, you must acquire the blueprint to craft it. (Picture: Funcom)

Sacrificial Blood is a reagent most commonly used in sorcery in Conan Exiles as an item required to upgrade sorceries and cast certain spells. That said, it's no wonder this item is highly valuable and coveted, but acquiring it can be a tall task. To gain the knowledge or blueprint for the Sacrificial Blood in Conan Exiles, you must locate and acquire the Tome of Kurak inside a cave in Shaleback Hollow and upgrade it to Level 1 to gain the Word of Power: Blood Rite.

This also grants you the blueprint for the Sacrificial Stone, which is vital in farming Sacrificial Blood; you’ll need to have as many Sacrificial Stones crafted before farming. You must find a location where plenty of NPCs will spawn, like The Dregs, The Sinkhole, the Black Galleon campsite, and The Den in The Exiled Lands. The best farming method to get more Sacrificial Blood is to place Fighter Thralls around your base and equip them with Truncheons.

conan exiles farming guide sacrificial blood sacrificial stone how to craft human sacrifice
Interact with the Sacrificial Stone to perform the sacrifice and start crafting Sacrificial Blood. (Picture: Funcom)

Ensure that your Thralls are nearby each other so that when you’ve given them the instruction to attack, they’ll knock out as many NPCs as possible without you having to do it yourself. Next, you must drag them back to your base using the Bindings before interacting with the Sacrificial Stone in Conan Exiles to bind them to the altar. Once bonded, interact with the Sacrificial Stone and begin crafting the Sacrificial Blood. This will trigger an animation that sacrifices the NPC on the altar.

This can be done as often as long as you have plenty of Sacrificial Stone altars and NPCs to be sacrificed. This, in turn, can be used for crafting sorceries, summoning Abyssal Mounts, upgrading the Tome of Kurak, and, most importantly, spell casting. And that completes this guide on farming Sacrificial Blood in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Dark Cat Gaming for their complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.