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How To Get And Use Star Metal In Conan Exiles

Star Metal is a valuable resource, especially for PvP and PvE endgame activities, and we've listed how to find and use it in Conan Exiles.
How To Get And Use Star Metal In Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles features a vast range of resources and minerals that can be mined throughout The Exiled Lands. The rarest yet valuable is Star Metal which isn't easy to find as only a few areas are known for meteorite crashes that contain Star Metal.

This resource is highly beneficial for your progress through the game's endgame content, especially in PvP and PvE activities, so finding it is paramount. In this guide, we've detailed how to find Star Metal, how to mine, and its best uses in Conan Exiles.

Where To Find Star Metal In Conan Exiles?

Star Metal can only be found in one region within the snowy biome of The Exiled Lands, which you can travel to the Mounds of the Dead. You can gather intel from the local Cimmerians who will allude to its presence in this region, and you can follow a trail across the sky which, once it strikes the earth, an explosive sound will alert you of its location.

conan exiles resources guide star metal how to find mounds of the dead snowy biome moutain ridge explosion
Look for a meteorite crash in which a loud explosion on the mountain ridges of the Mounts of the Dead can be heard. (Picture: YouTube / wak4863)

Star Metal is most commonly found around the mountain ridges, so before making the journey, ensure that you have the right equipment to help you mine this resource. If you're on The Isle of Siptah, however, you can find Star Metal meteorites at the island's center surrounding The Tower location for you to mine.

With both locations having cold weather conditions, we advise equipping gear and armor to protect your character from freezing temperatures. Similarly, you can cook enough spicy food to warm your character if they get cold.

How To Mine And Use Star Metal In Conan Exiles?

Before setting out to find Star Metal, one crucial thing to remember is that you'll need to destroy the meteorite's outer shell to acquire this resource. This can only be done by cracking open the shell using an Explosive Jar, Explosive Arrows, or a Demon-fire Orb before getting the ore inside.

conan exiles resources guide star metal how to mine explosive weaspons demon fire orb
You can craft the Explosive Jar, Arrows, or the Demon-fire Orb to break open the meteorite's shell. (Picture: YouTube / wak4863)

Now, it's known that the Star Metal shells can be bugged, and therefore, the explosives, as mentioned earlier, won't necessarily work. This is due to the angle you're using to destroy the shell, so change the angling before exposing the meteorite's shell, but it can be mitigated using a Grease Orb or an Oil arrow.

Likewise, you can use a Hardened Steel Pick and higher rarities to break the meteorite's shell before obtaining the ore. This tool, however, will take much longer to destroy the shell as it will require up to 20 strikes before it cracks open, so you'll need to have enough stamina to complete the task.

Lastly, you can use the Word of Power: Mass Cull, which allows you to harvest and mine minerals and other resources within the area of up to 30 meters surrounding you. We recommend using the explosives to mine the Star Metal relatively quickly, which is a cost-effective option.

conan exiles resources guide star metal how to use smelting star metal bars crafting weapons armor tools
Smelt the ores down into bars which can be used to craft high-quality weapons, tools, and armor. (Picture: YouTube / wak4863)

Once you've obtained enough Star Metal ores, you must smelt them into bars by placing them inside a furnace. You'll also need one Brimstone and one Black Ice with two Star metal ores to help with the smelting process, which will take around 20 to 25 seconds to complete.

This, in turn, can be used in crafting high-grade weapons, tools, and armor, especially various endgame weapons and armor, which come in handy playing PvE or PvP. It can be used in upgrading weapons and armor made at the Tinkerer's Bench, making them more durable and highly powerful against much stronger enemies.

And that completes this guide on finding Star Metal in Conan Exiles, and we want to thank the YouTube channel wak4863 for its complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.