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CS2 Best Glove and Knife Combinations

Come and check out the best Glove and Knife combinations within Counter-Strike 2!
CS2 Best Glove and Knife Combinations
Gemsri Gregory

Counter-Strike 2 has been released for all active players that obtain a matchmaking rank, This release came very unexpectedly and gave players little time to prepare their inventories for the shift. Many players over the last couple of days have been panicking when they realize their inventory doesn't look quite as good as they imagined in Counter-Strike 2, leading to huge shifts within the Counter-Strike skin economy with everyone changing their inventories. Unfortunately, many players are selling their skins with absolutely no plans for the future because they're unaware of all the best knives, gloves, skins, and combinations! 

Through hours of testing and checking out the best skin and glove combinations, we've designed a list of the top glove-to-knife collaborations available within Counter-Strike 2 right now. Fortunately, cheaper alternatives will be provided for each example with a little explanation as to what else could work instead of our examples. Each combination can be purchased from the Steam community market or even more cheaply from third-party sites such as Buff163. 


CS2 Best Combinations: Hand Wraps CAUTION! 

The Hand Wraps CAUTION! are never too prominent within Counter-Strike due to their overt colors and outlandish design. However, that's exactly why the gloves are such an excellent addition to any inventory; they're eye-catching and something different. Most players gravitate to eye-catching designs, yet stay away from the CAUTION! gloves because of their obvious attention-grabbing nature. That's exactly why the Hand Wraps CAUTION! should be complimented with a Vanilla knife to balance the overtness. 

This example has used the M9 Bayonet because it's the most fitting of all knives, especially within Counter-Strike 2. However, players can experiment with different vanilla knives such as the generic Bayonet, Flip knife, Shadow Daggers, or Butterfly knives. Giving players different options and choices within this guide is incredibly important as it doesn't force players to commit to a singular idea. Additionally, players are easily able to sell or trade their knives and swap for another, whereas gloves are quite hard, making this choice of combination more worthy. 


CS2 Best Combinations: Specialist Gloves Field Agent 

The Specialist Gloves Field Agent is an excellent addition to every Counter-Terrorist loadout, this is because the theme of the gloves collaborates with the color pallet of the Counter-Terrorist faction. The gloves are not expensive, costing players a minimum of $200, which is cheap when compared to most Counter-Strike gloves today. The gloves have been selected to match with Doppler phases one, and four, sapphire, and black pearl knives. This gives players over twenty different options of knives to choose from when using these gloves and plenty of price ranges.

The Specialist Gloves Field agents also have great wearing on them, not looking too damaged in Battle-scarred condition, attracting players to purchase them. This feature collaborates with Doppler knives perfectly because the knives always appear in pristine and smooth condition, making the combination more noticeable to you and other players. The reason why this combination is so excellent is because of the choice you have between knives, for example, you're able to purchase Doppler phase one Shadow Daggers for less than $150, meaning that this combination could set you back $350, being cheap for both a knife and gloves. 


CS2 Best Combinations: Hand Wraps Badlands 

The Hand Wraps Badlands are the best budget gloves in Counter-Strike, offering a realistic war appearance for those who value that aesthetic, but also being able to collaborate with brazen knives such as the Lore. The Hand Wraps work beautifully with Lore knives, again, regardless of what knife you have, as long as the finish is Lore, the combination is great. Unfortunately, everyone knows that lore skins aren't particularly cheap, however, the gloves are incredibly affordable and won't set players back financially at all. 

Players who don't particularly enjoy the Lore knives and fancy something a little more exciting or shiny should go for the Tiger Tooth knives, which work perfectly with the gloves. The Tiger Tooth knives are a cheaper yet more stylish alternative to the Lore knives, not having the edge the Lore knives have, although they work and look amazing. The Tiger Tooth knives are held close to the communities hearts with most skin enthusiasts having owned several each due to them being such iconic knives. Players are able to pick up a pair of battle-scarred hand wrap Badlands gloves for less than $100 and thankfully these gloves aren't affected by wear as much as other gloves. 


CS2 Best Combinations: Broken Fang Gloves Jade

This entire guide has been filled with gloves that aren't affected directly by wear, instead, these gloves have color fades or look slightly scruffy. Neither glove is battered and looks disgusting in Battle-Scarred, giving players the opportunity to save money and have a choice in what they purchase. Similar to the Specialist Gloves Field Agent, the Broken Fang Gloves Jade collaborates marvelously with any Gamma Doppler knife, regardless of the phase or knife. 

The Gloves themselves in Battle-Scarred condition are around $110, meaning players can purchase a cheap Gamma Doppler Knife and secure the combination for around $250-300, being an incredibly budget, yet flashy, collaboration. However, the Knife and Gloves look best with a Bayonet or Flip knife because of the professional feel the collaboration emits.