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CSGO: Best Budget Knives for $100

Come and check out the best budget knives on CSGO for $100 or less!
CSGO: Best Budget Knives for $100

Counter-Strike Global Offensive skins and knives are becoming more expensive with every coming moment, with most skins and knives valued at over double their prices last year. Unfortunately, this is because of the hype rally for Valves overhaul and update of CS:GO, now rebranding to Counter-Strike 2 with the release coming this summer. However, every cloud has a silver lining; within the update, skins receive massive visual updates that change most skins' aesthetic for the better, being every skin connoisseur's best-case scenario.  

This means that most players looking for great-looking knives under the price of $100 are going to struggle, although there are those gems still hidden in the chaos of the current skin market. Despite most players feeling embarrassed to use cheaper knives, personally, the aesthetic of a beaten knife appears more appropriate in-game than a glimmering green gamma Doppler. Just own these knives; they are incredibly unique and have awesome aesthetics! 


CSGO Budget Knives: Navaja Knife | Damascus Steel - FT

The Navaja Knife is viewed as one of the worst knives in CSGO. However, I strongly disagree with this opinion for many reasons. Firstly, nobody really uses the Navaja, and it's especially refreshing to use this knife. We don't need any more M9 Bayonets or Karambits, we need to populate the game with knives that aren't as regular and give some more variety to the game. 

The Damascus Steel finish has always been a CSGO budget favorite regardless of the knife it's placed on, the overall glossy white and grey finish really makes the knife pop, especially with the iconic Navaja handle complimenting the entirety of the skin. Overall this knife provides an excellent choice among the final remaining knives under $100 because, really, there aren't many left. 

This knife is currently sitting at an average of $85 on various skin websites; please consider using third-party skin merchants instead of the Steam community market to save money. The Navaja Knife Damascus Steel will also benefit hugely from the CS2 skin update, making the knife look a lot more attractive and possibly raising the price to be more expensive than the current one!


CSGO Budget Knives: Paracord Knife | Safari Mesh - FT

The Paracord knife is a surprising find when looking for budget knives; the knife provides alternative and rare animations, it contains a larger surface area for the skin to display on, and it's quite a well-respected knife. Additionally, Safari Mesh is an incredibly iconic finish on most skins; due to the finish being so iconic, players have actually raised the price of most Safari Mesh skins. Therefore it's surprising to find on this list. 

The green aesthetic from the Safari Mesh allows players to have ease finding budget gloves or matching the knife with other skins. For example, the safari mesh paracord knife can be matched nicely with safari mesh weapon skins such as the AWP or AK-47. Additionally, the Safari Mesh finish on the Paracord knife is very easy on the eyes and can feel subtle, sometimes being more enjoyable to use than more expensive and glossy knives. A lot of players want to experience the more realistic feel of knives, and the Safari Mesh Paracord provides that feel with ease. 

The knife is going to set players back $100 when purchasing off third-party skin sites like BUFF.


CSGO Budget Knives: Survival Knife | Scorched - BS

The survival knife provides a very unique aesthetic in Counter Strike Global Offensive, with the knife taking a more jagged and violent aesthetic than something like the Bayonet. This, again, gives the Survival knife a more realistic feel within CS:GO because it doesn't seem overtly jaw-dropping in design or look. The survival knife additionally has rare animations that can be found when equipping the knife, with the character flipping the knife and catching it. 

The Scorched finish allows the knife to perfectly complement darker gloves, perfect for default gloves or any more "low-key" gloves available in the game. Due to the dark coloring, the knife is able to work with every weapon's skin color and design in the game. There will be absolutely no color clashes that catch players off-guard and look unappealing. This knife is very surprising to be found for the price of $100 on third-party skin-selling sites.


CSGO Budget Knives: Gut Knife | Boreal Forest - MW

To find a minimal ware knife for less than $100 is marvelously impressive, with the knife being complete with an almost untouched finish. The Gut Knife, unfortunately, isn't too appealing to use and has quite a love/hate relationship with most CSGO players; however, being a budget knife, especially with minimal ware finish, it's too good to miss. The Boreal Forest finish sits very well with other cheaper alternative skins, such as the Safari mesh series or even default.

The knife is strikingly easy to match with glove combinations, with the majority of cheaper gloves having similar camouflage finishes to complement these types of knives. Unfortunately, this knife won't be affected much by the Counter-Strike 2 aesthetic changes. However, that doesn't change the fact this knife is a perfect budget knife, especially because it also contains the unique opening animation where your character spins the knife and catches it. Players are able to pick this Gut Knife Boreal Forest Minimal Ware up for $99, so perhaps take a chance and pick one up!


CSGO Budget Knives: Falchion Knife | Scorched - BS

The reason why this knife is so unique is that it looks like a mix of both the vanilla falchion knife and the scorched skin finish. Despite appearing slightly unsettling at first, a lot of skin lovers appreciate this aesthetic a lot more over the generic scorched skin because it's significantly more unique and catches the eye a lot more. Players are also able to feel more like soldiers with the knife, not looking overly glamorous and unrealistic because this knife has surely seen better days. The skin matches the handle of the blade, and the knife additionally has a rare animation where the character balances the blade on his hand!

This knife is a perfect match for default gloves on CSGO, making it a lot easier and possibly cheaper because players aren't having to think about matching their knife with equally as expensive gloves. Additionally, the knife comes across as a lot more appealing and will definitely start some conversations amongst players in matchmaking because people will be interested in your taste in knives following the nature of the blade. This knife can be picked up for $99 on various third-party skin-selling websites, which is a great deal for a unique look like this.