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What Are The Best Gloves In CS2?

Come and check out the best Gloves in Counter-Strike 2!
What Are The Best Gloves In CS2?
Gemsri Gregory

Counter-Strike 2 has provided players with a huge aesthetical update, changing how all players view cheap and expensive skins. This has led to huge defeats and victories within the skin communities, with players receiving updated versions of their skins looking better or worse.

However, not much aesthetical damage has been caused to the Glove community, with the Counter-Strike 2 update actually making all gloves look a lot nicer in comparison to Counter-Strike Global Offensive graphics. 

This guide will showcase a couple of great options for Gloves within Counter-Strike 2, ranging between all price ranges, hopefully giving you some inspiration for new additions to your inventory. However, make sure you choose carefully because there's no such thing as a cheap Counter-Strike 2 pair of gloves anymore! 


Counter-Strike 2 Gloves: Driver Gloves Black Tie 

The Driver Gloves Black Tie back in Global Offensive days were drab and boring, simply because of the pre-historic graphics the prior Counter-Strike ran from. However, in the new Counter-Strike 2, the Driver Gloves Black Tie provides a flawless and professional aesthetic for a low price, costing players $340 for field-tested condition, which is a great deal for a pair of these gloves.

Being known as "higher tier" Driver Gloves, the Black Tie allows players to show off their skins and keep the gloves "low-key" while still owning something different, with the gloves having a nice shine to them depending on what wear you acquire them in.

Despite being colorless and not usually what higher-tier traders purchase, the Black Tie gloves are easy on the eye, diverting attention to actual gameplay instead of skins. Players who own skins often can't help themselves, staring into their cosmetics instead of the enemy—exactly the reason why a vast number of players enjoy using gloves like the Black Tie. 


Counter-Strike 2 Gloves: Hand Wraps CAUTION! 

The Hand Wraps CAUTION! have always been fun gloves within Counter-Strike. Similar to the Black Tie Driver Gloves, the CAUTIONs now obtain a glossy overtone to them, adding a little bit of perfection to the cosmetic. The Hand Wraps CAUTION! allow players to comfortably use skinless weapons due to the level of overtness and attention the gloves alone attract, making anyone and everyone's screen light up when spectating someone who owns these gloves. 

Currently, these gloves can be picked up at quite a low price, ranging between $160 and $465 for gloves in the battle-scarred to minimal-wear condition. The price is exactly why these gloves are so overpowered: they make everything look exciting and are so cheap compared to many other cosmetics within the game. Additionally, when using Vanilla skins, the CAUTIONS! work incredibly well, allowing players to settle for loud gloves and budget skins.


Counter-Strike 2 Gloves: Specialist Gloves Marble Fade 

Coming in with the more expensive gloves, the Specialist Gloves Marble Fade has proved excellent within the Source 2 update, giving the gloves the overhaul they deserve. Unlike the Fade gloves, the colorway on the Specialist Gloves Marble fade is unmatched, giving the gloves the shine and overall cleanup they desired. Counter-Strike Global Offensive Marble Fade Gloves were not at all desirable, looking incredibly miserable and quite worn; not anymore! 

In Field-Tested condition, these Gloves are going to cost players around $550; however, they add to any flashy inventory, making it that much better. These gloves are for players who love to flex and gain attention from other players simply because of the history behind the "Marble Fade" and the overall expensive colorways. Typically, any skin in red and blue is expensive within Counter-Strike, especially if they shine like the Specialist Gloves Marble Fade.