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Ultimate Budget Inventory for Counter-Strike 2

Come and check out the best budget inventory for Counter-Strike 2!
Ultimate Budget Inventory for Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 has finally been released to the masses, following the recent update allowing players with a matchmaking rank to obtain early access to Source 2. This has allowed players to decide whether or not their inventories are going to "make the cut" in the new version of Counter-Strike, leading to a large amount of players trading and selling their inventories to make changes. Currently, many players who obtain generic skins are panicking due to the overt and sudden change, with Valve instantaneously deciding to release Counter-Strike 2 to pretty much every active player within the community, leaving next to no time for skin enthusiasts to prepare. 

The majority of players are confused and indecisive about what skins they wish to purchase following the release of Counter-Strike 2, especially those who desire budget inventories. For those that don't know, once Valve confirmed Counter-Strike 2 was released, skin prices sky-rocketed, making players who were thinking about buying skins resist a little longer. This is simply due to the extensive aesthetical changes skins have undergone throughout the transfer between Global Offensive to Counter-Strike 2. Therefore, we've decided to make a complete budget inventory for players to enjoy and use themselves, especially those with great taste! 


Counter-Strike 2: Best Budget Pistol Skins

Pistols are essential within Counter-Strike; whether you're an AWPer looking for a trusty companion or simply an avid enjoyer of pistol rounds, pistol skins are fondly loved by the community. Thankfully, Valve has implemented some excellent skins for pistols over the years which have nicely adapted into the Counter-Strike 2 space, looking glamorous and taking the hearts of many players. Here are the best budget pistol skins within Counter-Strike 2:

  • Desert Eagle: Bronze Deco - $1 - 10
  • Dual-Berrettas: Stained - $0.10 - $1
  • CZ75-Auto: Tacticat - $0.40 - $1.50
  • Five-SeveN: Flame Test - $0.10 - $0.25
  • Glock-18: Moonrise - $0.40 - $1.75
  • P2000: Imperial Dragon - $2.50 - $11
  • P250: Visions - $3.5 - $15
  • R8 Revolver: Amber Fade - $1 - $3
  • Tec-9: Fuel Injector - $2.50 - $16
  • USP-S: Ticket to Hell - $0.35 - $3

Overall, the general aesthetic of this budget pistol set is glamorous and shiny because, currently, players associate shiny skins with being nice. Despite this stereotype, it's not incorrect. Therefore, we believe with the aesthetic upgrades within Counter-Strike 2, these skins would go perfectly. The skins don't cost particularly much, and you can get a nice set of complete pistols for less than $10-15, which is incredible for the prices of skins currently. 


Counter-Strike 2: Best Budget Rifle Skins

The most commonly used weapons within Counter-Strike have always been the rifles, with players treasuring the AK-47, M4A4, and AWP skins for years, making rifles slightly more expensive. Due to their dominance within the game, there is a larger variety of skins to pick between as well as their level of detail within each skin. Each rifle has several different budget options to choose from; however, we've selected the best ones:

  • AK-47: Slate - $3 - $15
  • M4A4: Spider Lily - $1.5 - $25
  • M4A1-S: Emphorosaur-S - $1.5 - $7
  • Galil AR: Chromatic Aberration - $1.3 - $12
  • FAMAS: Styx - $2.50 - $12
  • AUG: Momentum - $1.50 - $25
  • SG 553 (Krieg 552): Damascus Steel - $0.90 - $2.50
  • SCAR-20: Enforcer - $0.35 - $2
  • G3SG1: Dream Glade - $0.25 - $1.35
  • AWP: Black Nile - $2.75 - $10
  • SSG-08: Abyss - $0.20 - $4

These skins are colorful and eye-catching, being the unique and hidden skins of each rifle. It's rather overwhelming to realize how cheap some players can acquire these skins if you look in the right places. Most players let their temptations win and purchase a singular $50 AWP skin when, in reality, you're able to purchase an entire collection of skins for less than $15. Despite these budget skins not taking people's breath away, they keep the game interesting and the players entertained, continuing the enjoyment and enhancing immersion. 


Counter-Strike 2: Best Budget Heavy Skins

Many players typically steer clear of Heavy skins within Counter-Strike unless they are playing community servers or trying their luck within the competitive environment. Although, it's not rare for players to continue purchasing shotgun and machine gun skins within Counter-Strike. Most players enjoy knowing they have a skin for every weapon within the game, making the rounds even more exciting when these weapons are decided to be used; therefore, here are the best skins: 

  • MAG7: BI83 Spectrum - $1 - $2.50
  • Nova: Exo - $0.20 - $0.35
  • Sawed-Off: Kiss♥Love - $3.2 - $16
  • XM1014: XOXO - $1.50 - $13
  • M249: Downtown - $0.50 - $2.30
  • Negev: Power Loader - $0.60 - $5.50

These skins are not particularly majestic nor inspiring, but these skins are as good as they get for heavy skins. Something interesting about heavy skins is that each weapon has either one incredibly expensive ($100+) skin and the rest are cheap, or they're all just cheap. This is simply because Valve knows players don't value these weapons as much, therefore not giving them incentive to create a case with covert shotguns and machine guns. These weapons are best used in force rounds because fewer players expect a surprise from this weapon category. The amount of free rounds you can win from using the Negev or shotguns is amazing, hence why you should purchase something from this budget inventory list!


Counter-Strike 2: Best Budget Submachine Gun Skins

Counter-Strike provides a series of reliable weapons to defeat enemies in the eyes of defeat, of those weapons lay submachine guns. Whenever players are required to force buy, the submachine guns come out to play, being used in various rounds throughout each competitive match within Counter-Strike. With the weapons being used frequently, players are encouraged to purchase skins for the weapons. Here are the best budget skins: 

  • MAC-10: Last Dive - $1 - $2.50
  • MP9: Mount Fuji - $1.20 - $9
  • MP7: Cirrus - $0.20 - $0.75
  • UMP-45: Artic Wolf - $0.30 - $1.40
  • PP-Bizon: Space Cat - $0.30 - $1.35
  • P90: Module - $2.50 - $2.80
  • MP5-SD: Liquidation - $0.12 - $0.60

These weapons provide an incredibly cheap and enjoyable experience on the battlefield. When looking at the aesthetics of the skins, it's confusing as to why they're not more expensive. These skins have both great patterns and colors, influencing higher price categories yet remaining cheap. Overall, you're able to pick up an entire submachine gun collection of skins for just over $5, which is very surprising after the shift from Global Offensive to Counter-Strike 2. Whether or not skin prices will increase or decrease currently is unknown; however, don't hesitate anymore!