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Best CS:GO Skin & Sticker Combinations

Come and check out the best skin and sticker combinations in CSGO!
Best CS:GO Skin & Sticker Combinations

Counter Strike Global Offensive is filled with many great skins, stickers, gloves, and knives, with players being able to express themselves and their favorite combinations whilst winning games. However, due to the recent hype and news with Counter-Strike 2 releasing this summer, the skin market has reached new heights, costing players significantly more money to purchase skins than ever before. This has led to most players either cashing out their investments, selling their skins for some extra cash, or simply refusing to interact with the market due to the extortionate prices, leaving most players without skins to enjoy Counter-Strike matches.

Thankfully, Counter-Strike provides a cheaper alternative for players to explore; sticker crafts. Despite sticker crafts costing a lot with Katowice 2014 stickers, players can build incredibly cheap ($2-5) skin and sticker crafts to enjoy that are visually appealing. This is due to the abundance of stickers that reside within the Counter-Strike market, making them less rare and desirable, despite being visually appealing and nice stickers. This allows players to purchase cheap skins and personalize the weapon skin with glossy stickers, adding a more personal and much-needed makeover to the weapon. Within this article, we're going to show you the best and cheapest, weapon skin and sticker combinations within CS:GO! 


CSGO: Best Cheap Sticker Crafts - M4A4 Evil Daimyo

The Daimyo skin features an intricate and eye-catching design that draws inspiration from traditional Japanese art and culture. The patterns, intricate details, and vibrant colors make it visually appealing and stand out in the game. As seen, the Tyloo 2020 RMR stickers act as a perfect addition to this weapon skin, matching the aesthetic, color scheme, and overall undertone of the weapon. The Tyloo 2020 RMR stickers are available in the masses, meaning they are not really expensive to buy ($0.20 per), and you can place four on your weapon with no harm. 

Additionally, with anime being dominant within Western culture, the Japanese-inspired theme of the Daimyo skin appeals to players who have an interest in Japanese culture, history, or aesthetics. This cultural aspect can create a more meaningful connection to the skin for some players. Hence why the addition of the Tyloo skin adds more value due to the dragon, giving connotations of Chinese new year and power. This craft will set players back roughly $5-10 depending on the condition of the skin they decide to purchase. 


CSGO: Best Cheap Sticker Crafts - Glock-18 Warhawk

The Glock Warhawk is an incredibly underrated skin because the skin's warplane imagery and the worn appearance in some wear conditions can emit a sense of history and battle-tested usage, which might resonate with players who enjoy the idea of their in-game weapon having a backstory. On the flip side, players who enjoy a more vibrant and aesthetically appealing skin might disagree with this 100 Thieves 2020 RMR sticker craft due to the lack of vibrancy being produced by the skin. However, it's overall an accessible skin with a great war tone. 

This skin will cost players less than $1, and the stickers will cost around $0.5-0.30 each depending on how many they purchase and in what condition, making this an incredibly affordable weapon. The overall look and aesthetic of the weapon will likely appeal to players who prefer realistic-looking weapons, but knowing the CSGO community, a lot of people want bright-colored items, making this an opportunity for those to branch down new avenues. 


CSGO: Best Cheap Sticker Crafts - AK-47 Ice Coaled 

The Ice Coaled is likely the most appealing AK-47 skin in Counter-Strike, with most people being heartbroken due to it not being a covert skin; lesser people use the weapon. However, if you're up for building a semi-cheap AK-47, then the Ice Coaled Spirit Holo 2020 RMR craft is most definitely for you. This sticker craft can cost players anywhere between $7-30 depending on what condition they purchase the AK-47, thankfully the Ice Coaled isn't affected by scratches and loss of the weapon skin the lower the condition, the color just lessens. This allows players to operate the weapon on their preference in weapon brightness, not giving a sense of devaluation because of using a battle-scarred condition rifle.

Overall there are many different combinations players can cook up and build with this AK-47 Ice Coaled. However, the Spirit RMR works best due to its similar color pallet and cheap price. Additionally, this appeals to players that thrive from brighter colored skins, which is usually unusual for a skin to be this cheap considering its bright colors and high demand. 


CSGO: Best Cheap Sticker Crafts - AWP Man-o'-War

The Man-o'-War skin features a striking combination of colors, with its distinct blue and yellow color scheme. The bold color contrast and clean lines make it stand out on the battlefield, catching the attention of both the user and other players. The Man-o'-War provides a pirate aesthetic with gold and navy blue, giving the AWP a little more character and personality. Additionally, the open blue center acts as an open canvas, inviting the touch of skins to be added by players looking to upgrade their AWP set-up to be slightly more aesthetic.

Personally, I believe the Navi 2020 RMR stickers compliment the skin perfectly, working best for the aesthetics and our wallets. The Man-o'-War will provide players with an excellent visual experience, and thankfully the price the Navi stickers aren't too expensive due to the collection being overlooked. However, you'll receive a killer AWP with stickers that only cost $0.20 each depending on Holo or Paper variants, most players select holo but papers look better.  M4A1-S_nitro

CSGO: Best Cheap Sticker Crafts - M4A1-S Nitro

The M4A1-S is a commonly used weapon in CS:GO due to its accuracy and versatility. As a result, the Nitro skin's design and popularity have broad appeal among a wide range of players, especially due to the cheap price and opportunities for sticker crafts. Like the Man-o'-War, the Nitro feels like an open canvas due to the open colors on the weapon, allowing players to experiment and enjoy the weapon to craft new aesthetics. The Nitro is an incredibly iconic weapon due to the length it's been in the game and the cheap price, making it a regularly used weapon within Counter-Strike. 

The price of the M4A1-S Nitro is $1.00, with the stickers adding a further $0.20 for the Fnatic 2020 RMR holos, making this a $2.00 skin and sticker craft. This really adds value to the game because players are going to be able to showcase a nice weapon with great stickers at an incredibly minuscule price. Despite some players being agitated by using cheaper weapons, it's more about the appearance of the skin and the creativity behind it, overall, this skin and sticker craft passes the checks and is approved by most players!