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35 CS:GO players banned by ESIC for betting-related offences

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has banned 35 Australian CS:GO players for betting-related offences.
35 CS:GO players banned by ESIC for betting-related offences

Following 37 CS:GO coaches being handed bans back in late September for the use of the spectator bug, and seven Australian CS:GO players getting banned for betting-related offences in October 2020, the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has now issued bans to another 35 players for betting-related offences in Australia.

ESIC for betting-related offences sanctions

ESIC has shared the results on Twitter of their investigation into CS:GO players from Australia, issuing sanctions against 35 players for betting-related offences. Further, ESIC has extended the ban for two players previously sanctioned in October 2020.

In a follow-up tweet, ESIC clarified the bans issued on 22nd January 2021 are not for match-fixing. However, ESIC also explained that: "ESIC is of the view that there is a high possibility that it will issue match-fixing charges arising from the ongoing investigations, potentially including against players sanctioned today."

CS:GO players banned ESIC Esports Integrity Commission sanctions(Picture: ESIC)

Players who had their bans extended after the initial investigation in October 2020 are:

  • Akram "ADK" Smida (Rooster) - From 12 to 24 months
  • Daryl "Mayker" May (Ground Zero) From 12 to 48 months

Read the full report by ESIC on the CS:GO player sanctions. Further, ESIC will continue to investigate further offences in Australia, NA and Europe in cooperation with law enforcement.

In the report, ESIC explained: "It is crucially important that professional players abstain from placing bets on the game in which they earn an income from. In order to preserve the integrity of the esports landscape internationally and mitigate the potential for bad actors to take advantage of our sport."


CS:GO players banned by ESIC

A total of 35 CS:GO players have been banned by ESIC following the latest investigation.

CS:GO players banned ESIC Esports Integrity Commission sanctions(Picture: Valve)

All the CS:GO players who have received bans, as well as the duration of said bans by ESIC, can be viewed below.

  • Jeremy "motion" Lloyd (Control) ⁠- 12 months
  • Patrick "falcon" Romano De Sousa (Control) ⁠- 12 months
  • Johnathan "Del" Sackesen (Lese) ⁠- 12 months
  • Grayson "vax" Uppington (Overt) ⁠- 12 months
  • Aidan "meta" Wiringi Jones (Overt) - 12 months
  • Kaito "minusthecoffee" Massey (Aftermind) ⁠- 12 months
  • Mason "msn" Trevaskis (Aftermind) ⁠- 12 months
  • John "jcg" Grima (Integral Nation) ⁠- 12 months
  • Isaac "prodigy" Dahlan (Integral Nation) ⁠- 12 months
  • Billy "beetee" Thomson (Integral Nation) ⁠- 12 months
  • Kieren "Muzoona" Jackson-Clapper (Integral Nation) ⁠- 12 months
  • Matthew "zilla" Zdilar (Mako) ⁠- 12 months
  • James "roflko" Lytras (Vertex) ⁠- 12 months
  • Damon "damyo" Portelli (LAKERS) - 12 months
  • Jak "jtr" Robinson (Rooster 2) ⁠- 12 months
  • Daniel "rekonz" Mort (R!OT Gaming) ⁠- 12 months
  • Nicolas "lato" Gullotti (Skyfire) ⁠- 12 months
  • Marcus "mdk" Kyriazopoulos (really weird) ⁠- 12 months
  • Joel "pearss" Kurta (Waterbottle, Valorant) ⁠- 12 months
  • James "jamie" MacPhail (Downfall) ⁠- 12 months
  • Ioan "bowie" Tuleasca ⁠(Lese) - 12 months
  • Joshua "joshaaye" Wilson - 12 months
  • Ryan "kragz" Clarke ⁠(Incept) - 12 months
  • Roman "matr1kz" Santos (Forbidden) ⁠- 24 months
  • Cailan "caily" Lovegrove (Aftermind) ⁠- 24 months
  • Andy "Noobster" Zhang (AVANT) ⁠- 36 months
  • Jayden "foggers" Graham ⁠(Control) - 48 months
  • Sam "tham" Mitchell (Buckets) ⁠- 48 months
  • Mate "habbo hotel" Poduje (LAKERS) ⁠- 48 months
  • Samuel "samy" Jarvis (Caught off Guard) - 48 months
  • Daniel "deezy" Zhang (Aftermind) ⁠- 48 months
  • John "wots" Zhu (Forbidden) ⁠- 48 months
  • Matthew "jam" Castro (Overt) ⁠- 60 months
  • Alvin "Gravins" Changgra ⁠- 60 months
  • Wilson "willyks" Sugianto ⁠(Vertex) - 60 months

The CS:GO players who have received bans after the latest ESIC investigation results can appeal these charges. Appeals can be sent to Kevin Carpenter, chairman of the Independent Disciplinary Panel via email.