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A YouTuber gets 100s of CS:GO players banned by showing how to hack game audio

He has apologised to all those affected.

A popular Polish content creator got over 100 players banned from the FACEIT platform after he made a video showing how you could increase audio cues, like footsteps, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The exploit in question involved editing the "Soundmixers.txt" file and altering the values of various in-game sounds and making footsteps louder than they should be.

Though those that used the exploit can have few complaints, as the original video warned users that to modify the files could be potentially deemed an exploit and thus a bannable offence.

Tournament organizer FACEIT had no doubts that this qualified as cheating and on the 25th April banned over 400 users from their tournament platform.


FaceIT poland mefju23 foot steps CS:GO soundmixers.txt
Many of the players banned were based in Poland.


In a statement, Mefju23 apologized and said he feels responsible for over 100 of those banned.

"I can only apologize for the fact that many of you have reviewed / will receive this ban through my video." wrote Mefju23. "The fact that I warned that there is a risk when using it, I did not play any FACEIT myself, but this does not diminish my guilt. Unfortunately, all I can do is say I'm sorry."

Mefju23 has over 230,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel which primarily features videos about CS:GO and FIFA 20.

This story will serve as a reminder to anyone, that no matter how easy a hack or exploit may be to execute, it ultimately makes it no less serious, and if caught the consequences can be ruinous for any budding esport career.

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