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Apeks' Dennis calls for Flashpoint qualifier redo after cheating team disqualified

Apeks was eliminated from the third Flashpoint Season 3 Open Qualifier by RatPatrol, who managed to reach Top 16 before being disqualified.
Apeks' Dennis calls for Flashpoint qualifier redo after cheating team disqualified

A bizarre situation occurred during the third Open Qualifier ahead of Flashpoint Season 3, as RatPatrol, a squad competing at the event, was caught cheating and disqualified, with Apeks' Dennis Edman demanding a redo involving all teams eliminated by RatPatrol.

"Lost to cheaters in the flashpoint qualifier and we can't do anything about it. At least one of them got banned but we're still out, it's a bit.. just a bit f*cked up that it works like this. Everyone who played them should play for the spot?" Edman tweeted out.

The situation not only affected Apeks, naturally, as others bit the dust against the cheating squad. According to Edman, Peterpik was the RatPatrol player punished by Flashpoint, however, it remains unclear how many members of the team were also using hacks.

peterpik csgo cheater
(Picture: Dennis Edman)

RatPatrol beat GameAgents to earn a spot in the Top 8 of the event, a decision that was reverted by the tournament organizers, allowing GA to move into the next round.

Flashpoint did not acknowledge the situation directly on social media, simply limiting themselves to amending the matches being played on the Top 8.

It seems highly unlikely they'll give Apeks or the other affected teams a chance to fight for a spot during this qualifier. It remains to be seen if they'll be compensated for the fourth and final one.

We'll update you on all things Flashpoint and CS:GO as the story develops.