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Cloud9's HenryG talks player salaries and villain narrative

Following another unexpected loss at the DreamHack qualifiers, Cloud9's HenryG spoke out about the villain narrative and player salary transparency.
Cloud9's HenryG talks player salaries and villain narrative

In October 2020, Cloud9's new CS:GO squad, called "The Colussus" was formed. With the addition of Patrick "es3tag" Hansen and a contract worth 2.1 million USD, the organization continued to be extremely transparent about player salaries as well as contract length for their new CS:GO squad. Following some stumbles and a big roster change, as well as poor overall results, a villain narrative has emerged from some members of the esports community.

HenryG responds to Cloud9 hate and villain narrative

General Manager of Cloud9's CS:GO squad, Henry "HenryG" Greer has taken to Twitter to note how he doesn't understand the narrative that they are "somehow villains for compensating our players handsomely."

Fans were expecting Cloud9 to at least do quite well with such a powerful roster, especially since everyone knows how much these players get paid.

This response from HenryG comes just hours after a shocking loss to Bulgarian team VOYVODA, as Cloud9 failed to qualify for DreamHack Masters Spring 2021.

Esport Talk's Jake Lucky explained a bit of the situation on Twitter, which HenryG retweeted.

HenryG henry Greer cloud9 CS:GO player salaries(Picture: Jake Lucky via Twitter)


HenryG addressed his fans, stating: "I still don't really understand this narrative that we're somehow villains for compensating our players handsomely. 

The only reason you all know the figures you remind me of daily is because we're trying to create a better playing field for professional players in CS:GO."

HenryG then continued by revealing some interesting information about CS:GO organizations. According to Cloud9's GM of the CS:GO squad, the organization doesn't have the highest player salaries.

HenryG henry Greer cloud9 CS:GO player salaries(Picture: HenryG via Twitter)

Other CS:GO teams do not reveal their player salaries, and with Cloud9's transparency on the topic, expectations from fans were very high.

In hindsight, being transparent about player contracts and salaries might not have been the best idea.

However, it is important to note a new team needs time to grow and learn, so the results of Cloud9's CS:GO squad thus far shouldn't really come as a shocking surprise.