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Mom painted CS:GO painting for her son, and it looks beautiful

Sometimes parents can surprise you in ways you don't expect.
Mom painted CS:GO painting for her son, and it looks beautiful

Parents usually don't look approvingly on video games, even less when their kids are spending time playing them. But that is slowly starting to change and will continue in the coming years, when younger generations of parents start seeing esports as a legitimate occupation, one that can be quite profitable for their kids, provided they have talent.

That's why it's inspiring to see some parents endorsing their children's hobby and trying to understand it. One such case we saw this evening on CS:GO subreddit. User Crustlung shared a painting of the famous Inferno B Site, painted by his mother! The theme of the art is fantastic, and the work is absolutely beautiful, with vivid colors, excellent lighting effects, and meticulous attention to detail.

(click here to view full size)


But that's not the only Inferno B picture we saw last night. It looks like the B site has a special aura of inspiration for artists since the second user(Quzga) on the same Reddit thread shared his version B site panting, from the other angle, but equally beautiful.

(click here to view full size)


We find them equally impressive!

Which painting do you like more? Would you like to have a CS:GO painting on your wall? If so, what location/map? Tell us in the comments!