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CS:GO report botting gets shut down by Valve

John McDonald has revealed CS:GO report botting should now be a thing of the past.
CS:GO report botting gets shut down by Valve

One of the most annoying issues in CS:GO recent is report botting, where cheaters mass report regular players in matchmaking games. This puts those reported into the Overwatch system, where they might even get a false positive ban. Now, Valve developer John McDonald has revealed Valve has put an end to report botting.


CS:GO report botting eliminated

The act of report botting, combined with the CS:GO community-based regulation system, Overwatch, have annoyed countless legitimate players.

On Twitter, Valve developer John McDonald posted a short-but-sweet tweet, simply stating "RIP report botting".



Unfortunately, this might not be the last time we see CS:GO report botting rear its ugly head.



According to John McDonald, it is an ever-escalating battle, as some players will always find a way to grief others.

When asked if CS:GO report botting is gone for good this time around, John McDonald explained: "With adversarial problems, it is impossible to say 'this will be fixed forever.' It's probable bad actors will figure out how to bad act again in the future. It's an ever-escalating battle."

If you haven't fallen victim to CS:GO report botting but want to learn more about how hackers reportedly controlled the Overwatch system, and even got innocent players banned, you should check out a recent video by YouTuber Sparkles explaining the complicated issue.

Hopefully, it will be years before we have to worry about CS:GO report botting once again, and if the day comes, we hope Valve will swiftly deal with the issue.