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CS:GO Summer RMR event, cs_summit 6, won't feature SA and Oceania tournaments

Beyond the Summit will host the second CS:GO Regional Major Ranking event, cs_summit 6, kicking off in June.
Valve announced the second CS:GO Regional Major Ranking (RMR) event, and Beyond the Summit will host both North America, and European tournaments as part of cs_summit 6 online.

This comes only one day after Astralis took down G2 Esports in the final RMR tournament in Road to Rio: Europe. 


CS:GO RMR cs_summit 6 announced

Beyond the Summit will host the CS_Summit 6 tournament online, and it will be split between North America and Europe. While Valve still has to announce CIS and Asia tournaments, and the announcement suggests another organizer will handle these.



Valve explained: "We're excited to announce the first summer RMR events in NA and EU, hosted by Beyond The Summit from June 22nd to July 5th! While we intend to have a full RMR series in the fall, there will not be summer RMR events for the SA or OCE regions."

It remains to be seen when Valve will reveal CS:GO RMR events for South America and Oceania regions again, and which tournament organizer will host online tournaments for Asia and CIS.

The cs_summit 6 online tournament will feature a combined $200,000 prize pool, and it runs from 22nd June to 5th July. It will offer a tonne of points (25% more than ESL One: Road to Rio) in the fight for a spot at ESL One Rio, the only CS:GO Major of 2020.