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CS:GO Source 2 release date reportedly revealed

The release date for the CS:GO Source 2 overhaul is reportedly 18th May 2020
CS:GO Source 2 release date reportedly revealed

While Half-Life: Alyx and Dota 2 is on Valve's Source 2 engine, CS:GO is still using the original Source engine, and it shows. Rumours have been floating around, pointing towards a possible CS:GO Source 2 overhaul. Now, speculation and leaks point toward a CS:GO Source 2 release date of 18th May 2020.

Valve has, of course, not confirmed the CS:GO Source 2 release date, but multiple sources are pointing towards it being this month.

Before an official confirmation, take information like this with a grain of salt. 

CS:GO Source 2 overhaul rumours

While rumours about CS:GO Source 2 have been around for years, Valve News Network, in March, said it would happen in a two-month time period.

Now, the rumour has become more solid, as Chinese website B5 announced on Weibo that Source would be coming on 18th May.

The significance of this is the Chinese website B5 will be the exclusive platform for the esport, similar to ESEA.

B5 is reportedly prepping their servers for the engine's possible release on 18th May, to make sure everything is working.

This also lines up with the potential release date of Steam in China, which is rumoured for 18th May. 



If the first few hints weren't enough, then the CS:GO Private Beta update expiration date was recently pushed from 20th April to 18th May.

This is currently being used in tournaments, for example, the Road to Rio qualifiers for the November Major, which is running on build 

While all this isn't official confirmation of the CS:GO Source 2 release date, it can definitely be seen as an indication a Source 2 overhaul is coming to the game sooner rather than later. 

In case you didn't read our previous report, popular CS:GO streamer, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek explained last month Valve could release the CS:GO Source 2 overhaul in response to Valorant, explaining:

"Tyler told me that he thinks that this summer Source 2 is gonna come out and CSGO is gonna go through a huge overhaul. And that would make sense because Valorant plans to come out in summer, right?"

We will keep you up to date with the latest CS:GO news, and dive into the Source 2 overhaul as soon as it is official.

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