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CS:GO visibility bug allows players to see others through objects

After the major 10th June CS:GO update, a visibility bug has been found, which allows players to see the enemy through solid objects.
Valve recently released a major CS:GO update to solve the long-standing visibility issues in the game. With the update comes the "Boost Player Contrast" setting, but it seems this setting is causing a CS:GO visibility bug.

CS:GO visibility bug found

The CS:GO visibility bug is by no means widespread, and it is apparently quite difficult to replicate. It does, however, allow players to see the enemy through solid objects.

The visibility bug emerged after the latest CS:GO update, and at the time of writing, Valve hasn't commented on the bug. 

It was found by Reddit user "TimSchumi" who experimented with the "Boost Player Contrast" setting, taking a close look at how much it actually improves visibility in CS:GO. 

Turns out, it is a lot, especially when you consider this bug to be part of its effects.


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The CS:GO visibility bug is reportedly quite difficult to replicate. 

TimSchumi did come up with a possible reason for the bug occurring: “The only explanation I came up with: halo effect is applied (or meant to be) when the game assumes you have seen more than 50% of the enemy model. However, this percent calculation goes wrong and halo is applied when you only see a little.”

It remains to be seen when Valve will fix this bug. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be widespread at all, and shouldn't affect matches too much.