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CS_Summit 7: How to watch, schedule, teams, format and prize pool

Your viewer's guide to CS_Summit 7 so CS:GO esports fans don't miss out on the action, including how to watch, the schedule, teams, format and more.
Another big CS:GO esports tournament called CS_Summit 7, from Beyond the Summit, kicks off in January 2021 featuring some exciting teams, a great prize pool and much more. 

If you don't want to miss out on any of the CS:GO esports action coming your way, we've got you covered with a full viewer's guide to CS_Summit 7, featuring everything you need to know, including how to watch, the schedule, prize pool and much more.

CS_Summit 7 teams

A total of 12 teams will compete in CS_Summit 7. While some of the top teams in the world such as Astralis and Team Vitality aren't in the tournament, CS_Summit 7 still features some excellent teams to watch.

CS_Summit 7 CS:GO esports how to watch schedule prize pool teams format(Picture: Beyond the Summit)

Groups for CS_Summit 7 has already been drawn as well, and you can check them out below.

Group A:

  • OG
  • Complexity
  • Fnatic
  • Dignitas

Group B:

  • Heroic
  • Mousesports
  • FaZe Clan
  • MIBR

Group C:

  • Cloud9
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Virtus.pro

We expect some tough competition at CS_Summit 7, with the likes of OG, Heroic, Complexity and more fighting it out for a great prize pool


Prize Pool

There's a prize pool of 200,000 USD up for grabs at CS_Summit 7. However, only the teams who make it to the playoffs will get to fight for their share of the prize pool.

At the time of writing, the exact CS_Summit 7 prize pool distribution has not been revealed.


CS_Summit 7 will start off with a double-elimination (GSL) format in the group stage. All matches will be best-of-three.

Following the group stage, the top two teams from each group will make their way to the playoffs. The bottom two teams in each group will have to fight their way through the Last Chance stage for one of two spots in the playoffs.

CS_Summit 7 CS:GO esports how to watch schedule prize pool teams format(Picture: Beyond the Summit)

The Last Chance stage features a single-elimination bracket with teams seeded based on their performance in the group stage.

In the CS_Summit 7 playoffs, the format will be another single-elimination bracket, with all matches being best-of-three.


The CS_Summit 7 schedule will be packed with matches, as the tournament runs from 25th to 31st January 2021.

Beyond the Summit has not yet revealed the full CS_Summit 7 schedule. However, you can expect each day to be filled with CS:GO esports action. Each day is scheduled to kick off at 14:00 GMT.


CS_Summit 7: How to watch

You can watch all the CS_Summit 7 CS:GO esports action by tuning in to the Beyond the CS:GO Twitch.tv channel from 25th to 31st January 2021.

For your convenience, we've embedded the Twitch channel below.