The CS20 Case Collection skins rated

17 new skins and a new-yet-familiar knife have been added to CS:GO in the Cache and Release update that brings a CS20 Case and the CS20 Sticker Capsule to the game.
The CS20 Case Collection skins rated

CSGO's CS20 Case has a wide variety of skins from flashy to subtle, bright to dark, detailed to bold. We will look at each of these skins and give them a subjective rating but first let's take a look at the 'new' knife added as part of this collection: the Classic Knife.

A familiar sight to any player who played or witnessed 1.6 or Source, this knife was the default blade throughout the earlier Counter-Strike franchise entries.

Held like the GO knives rather than in its traditional upright position, the Classic Knife is still a long-awaited addition many fans are happy to see.

Available in 13 finishes including Fade, Crimson Web and Case Hardened, this marks the 15th new knife added to Global Offensive.

The majority of unboxings will be seeing skins rather than the nostalgic blade and here are the first impressions and ratings of all 17 of the CS20 Case skins.

AWP | Wildfire - Covert Skin


Encapsulating the Operation Wildfire phoenix, a reference to the in-game Phoenix Connexion faction, this skin is a worthy Covert for the CS20 Case.

With the colour scheme ressembling the fiery hound on the side of the Contraband M4A4 | Howl, the burning phoenix across the body of the AWP is just as fearsome.

The rest of the gun has red accents, including both ends of the scope and the very tip of the barrel.

Rating: 10/10


FAMAS | Commemoration - Covert Skin


While the FAMAS is not the most loved gun, the second Covert skin in the CS20 Case tries to turn it into more of a treasured weapon.

The golden design has a world map, embossed CT murial in the middle and the names of 14 different Counter-Strike maps at the back.

It might be a cheap rifle, but the FAMAS Commemoration feels like luxury and fits the theme of the CS20 anniversary well.

Rating: 8/10


AUG | Death by Puppy - Classified Skin


The Death by Puppy AUG skin uses the Popdog graffiti to replicate another CS:GO skin: the P90 | Death by Kitty from 2013.

Popdog is a callout on de_Train that comes from Barking Dog Studios' logo and the words 'pop dog' appearing in the original version of the map in that location.

While the AUG meta days seem to be over, the AUG is still a viable choice in many situations in-game and the death clack it makes is enough to make a T think twice.

Rating: 7/10


MP9 | Hydra - Classified Skin


It has been over two years since the last Operation, but the MP9 | Hydra helps us remember the good times from it.

Operation Hydra's snakes spread across the body of the MP9 in this design with green venom-like patterns sit beneath them.

This is not the first MP9 skin that seems hazardous to handle as the Ruby Poison Dart channels the aesthetic of a poisonous frog in its design.

Rating: 9/10


P90 | Nostalgia - Classified Skin


This skin was highlighted in our 'Top 10 CS20 skins we hope make it into the anniversary case' article and has indeed made it into the case.

To quote that feature:

A powerful SMG with a hefty pricetag, it is seen by many as a 'noob gun' due to having 50 bullets to spray with in addition to the movement speed advantage over a rifle.

To others, it represents a simpler time when the AK and M4 were hard to control and a P90 was a far better option.

Nostalgia features the 1.6 loading screen on the wide base of the SMG in a style matching the graffiti along the rest of the gun.

Rating: 10/10


MP5-SD | Agent - Restricted Skin


An ode to the CTs, Agent is black, blue and yellow and features the 'FBI' initials and the CT symbol of the defuse kit and wings on its side.

The MP5 lacks skins and while this skin is well-designed and fits the CS20 theme, it does not stand out as much as other skins of equal or lower tiers.

Rating: 5/10


UMP-45 | Plastique - Restricted Skin


This UMP skin turns your gun into the bomb, complete with the number pad and a plethora of wires across the circuit board body.

While the UMP has fallen out of favour thanks to balances and the new economy, the creativity of this skin is undeniable.

Rating: 6/10


P250 | Inferno - Restricted Skin


Having picked the MP5-SD | Nuke by Shrike and Sparkwire from their collection in our list, it is not surprising to see the P250 Inferno make it into the CS20 Case instead.

The flavour text "But look at the time!" is a reference to the iconic moment at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 where Jacky "Stewie2k" Yip clutched the round for Cloud9 to secure overtime and in doing so, the North American squad went on to win the Major. 

Not only does this skin commemorate one of the great moments in CS:GO esports history, but represents one of the most iconic maps in the franchise.

Rating: 9/10


Five-Seven | Buddy - Restricted Skin


Another skin that we featured in our article about the case, Buddy ensures that even in a 1v1 clutch you are never truly alone.

A small CT head is present on the back of this pistol to judge your every move.

Beyond the face, this skin feels vibrant despite it not using bold, bright colours and feels very fitting for a CT sidearm.

Rating: 7/10


M249 | Aztec - Restricted Skin


Those familiar with the map Aztec will recognise its motifs and character in this namesake skin.

Aztec unsurprisingly fits well with the Aztec sticker from the CS20 Sticker Capsule.

The M249 is a gun you practically never see in CS:GO and its hefty price tag isn't the only reason no one uses this LMG, which means it is a shame such a strong design will rarely be seen in-game.

Rating: 6/10


Glock-18 | Sacrifice - Mil-Spec Skin


The burning defuse from ESL One Cologne 2014 by olofmeister is the second iconic moment from the world of CS esports captured in one of the CS20 skins.

Fans will recognise the graffiti now present on Overpass' B site after the Swedish legend secured a defuse for Fnatic to win the round before perishing in the flames.

This skin provides colour across the Glock and is certain to become one of the more popular affordable skin options, even if it seems strange for a CT moment to be present on the T pistol.

Rating: 10/10


FAMAS | Decommissioned - Mil-Spec Skin


Bad news for openers of this case who don't like the FAMAS - there's a second FAMAS skin lurking in the Mil-Spec rarity.

This 1.6 de_Nuke inspired skin will give many old-school players some serious nostalgic flashbacks when in use.

The details showing rust on the body and signs of wear help give this skin as 'vintage' vibe.

Rating: 6/10


Dual Berettas | Elite 1.6 - Mil-Spec Skin


Another classic skin is present in this CS20 case and this time, it is CS:GO's most unloved pistols getting the retro treatment.

There isn't much to this skin design, with both pistols turned sleek and dark compared to their GO shiny silver default and ELITE written on the side of each gun.

Rating: 5/10


MAC-10 | Classic Crate - Mil-Spec Skin


We remain in the past CS titles for yet another skin as Classic Crate makes an appearance.

Representing the old green crates found on de_dust2, this MAC-10 looks perfect for customising with stickers due to the simplistic body.

This is also its downside as there is not much for players who have no personal memories of the crates as they once were.

Rating: 6/10


MAG-7 | Popdog - Mil-Spec Skin


Another feature for Popdog, this time the iconic canine is on the side of a MAG-7.

Made to ressemble the old Popdog train carriage, this skin is once again a walk down memory lane for many players.

Unlike Classic Crate or Elite 1.6, the aesthetic of this design can appeal to old and new players alike.

Rating: 7/10


Scar-20 | Assault - Mil-Spec Skin


With the Scar-20 Blueprint already acting as a cheap blue autosniper skin, the addition of Assault doesn't seem likely to be a new popular option.

There isn't much to this design beyond the logo, but could fit in a 'realistic' skin loadout to add some colour.

Rating: 5/10


Tec-9 | Flash Out


A Mil-Spec skin done right, with a clever design that doesn't need to be flashy to be interesting.

The Tec-9 has been repainted to look like the Flashbang Grenades within the game and a symbol denoting the user holding two flashes, the usual number in a 'full buy' has been added to the side as an additional detail.

Rating: 9/10


Do you agree with our ratings? Which skin is your favourite from the CS20 Case? Let us know in the comments below!