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Top 10 CS20 skins we hope make it into the anniversary case

With the deadline approaching for design submissions, we pick out ten of the best skins that could make it into the upcoming anniversary case.
Top 10 CS20 skins we hope make it into the anniversary case

Back in June, Valve announced a Workshop competition to celebrate Counter-Strike's 20th birthday.

The original deadline of 19th September has been extended until 7th October due to the 'phenomenal response' to the event, allowing even more skins and stickers designed in honour of the FPS to be finished and submitted. Inspired by iconic moments, in-game symbols and classic maps, there have been over 5,000 submissions with the tag 'CS20' to the Steam Workshop.

While only a handful of these designs will make it into the game as part of the themed Weapon Case and Sticker Capsule, we have picked out ten of the best designs that we hope will make it into the 'CS20 Case'. For the sticker collection list, click here!

10. Five-SeveN | GSG-9 by Freddy


The Five-Seven is a strong pistol for the Counter-Terrorists but often overlooked. With the GSG-9 by Freddy, it will be you looked over by a member of the in-game special forces officer on the back of the weapon.

This design covers the entire gun and feels like a solid fit for a case celebrating Counter-Strike with the prominent CT and camo pattern.

Due to the details on this Five-Seven, it could easily find its way into the pink Classified group in a future case.

9. SG 553 | A or B by G-99 Factory


Available on multiple weapons, the SG 553 would be a great option now that the scoped rifle has come into the meta following the AUG's time in the spotlight and subsequent changes.

Referencing the A and B bombsites on every competitive CS map, this design features either A or B depending on the float you acquire.

The A or B pattern would make a great Blue Mil-Spec quality skin while allowing the flashier, brighter guns take up the higher rarity slots in the case.

8. XM1014 | Chalk by D4MAGED and Scarlet


Chalk embraces the CS20 theme and celebrates the entire series with a charming XM1014 design.

Rather than a black chalkboard, the green colour helps the yellow T and blue CT symbols stand out nicely while the other chalk is not drowned out or faded along the barrel.

The subtle CT mask above the hand utilising the shoutgun's design is seriously clever, as is the 'evolution' of the CS:GO CT symbol into the lambda.

We see this XM as a strong candidate for a Restricted weapon classification in the upcoming case.

7. AWP | Wings by Hoxton and Bueno


The graffiti present on Mirage and Cache are iconic murials for some of CS:GO's greatest plays by two of the greatest players in the game.

Marcelo "coldzera" David's 'jumping double' from Van and s1mple's fall from heaven (set to be removed in the reworked and retextured Cache) are the highlights every CS player wishes to have in their own games.

Wings combines the literal wings in both graffiti to create an AWP that will make you feel like you too can pull off crucial rounds with the same flair and style as the legends.

Another possible Restricted skin, it is possible that the simplicity of the design could see it as the third ever Mil-Spec AWP and the first to be available in a case rather than from a map collection.

6. P90 | Nostalgia by Apel


The P90 is a special weapon. A powerful SMG with a hefty pricetag, it is seen by many as a 'noob gun' due to having 50 bullets to spray with in addition to the movement speed advantage over a rifle.

To others, it represents a simpler time when the AK and M4 were hard to control and a P90 was a far better option.

Nostalgia features the 1.6 loading screen on the wide base of the SMG in a style matching the graffiti along the rest of the gun.

This skin should be a pink Classified as bright colours and intricate or bold designs tend to claim higher rarity slots and this features both.

5. Dual Beretteas | Equilibrium by OPzy


While the Dual Berettas are not commonly used, they have featured in a few pistol rounds in recent months as a quirky but often effective buy.

Equilibrium takes advantage of there being two pistols by having one blue, representing the CT side, and the other orange, representing the Ts.

The design is like a simpler version of the popular Asiimov collection, so could see itself in the purple Restricted group of skins due to the bright yet elegant nature of it.

4. AK-47 | Propaganda by Puffin



With the GSG 9 and Nostalgia on this list catering to the CT side, Propaganda celebrates the Elite Crew on T side.

Bullets rain down the mag as the crew stands together with weapons and bomb in hand as the world seemingly burns around them.

This AK could enter the CS20 case as a Covert rifle, but the abundance of previous red tier AKs and Bloodsport being a red coloured red tier skin already might make this design an unlikely candidate despite its theme fitting well or see it dropped to a Classified instead.

3. AWP | Dhikraa by Debski and Quzga


A hit on Reddit, the AWP | Dhikraa celebrates Counter-Strike's most iconic map: Dust II and is the first of two skins on this list celebrating a classic map still popular today.

Elements inspired by the map can be found all over this skin, from an unfortunate chicken near the barrel, to A and B site graffiti on either side and some of the map's iconic patterns bolted onto the bolt-action sniper rifle.

The skin is hard to tier, but due to how detailed it is and what it represents it would have to be Restricted at a minimum and fits with similar design depth as the AWP | Atheris in that group.

2. MP5-SD | Nuke by Shrike and Sparkwire


Another map themed skin on the list, but this time for the MP5, the latest weapon added to CS:GO and lacking in skin variety at the moment.

Nuke captures the essence of the historic map with the use of yellow, blue and red hints between the predominantly silver-grey weapon.

Mil-Spec for this gun would be fair but I would not be surprised if it were to get in and be placed in the purple Restricted tier instead.

1. AUG | Chronicle by Hollandje


When celebrating the anniversary of the Counter-Strike franchise, a gun wrapped in the history of GO is a perfect fit.

The creator of the Oxide Blaze and Oceanic skins Hollandje is behind this design and has placed it onto various guns, but the AUG shows off the clever headlines and clippings best.

There are very few plainer, lighter skins available at the moment either and this could well be a Restricted or Classified as a subtle pattern with nice details for fans of professional Counter-Strike.

Do you agree with our list? Is there a late entry into the CSGO contest you think deserves it more? Let us know in the comments below!