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Inferno tips and tricks for Wingman

Inferno is one of the most balanced Wingman maps and CTs and Ts have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to win rounds.
Inferno tips and tricks for Wingman

With the newest CS:GO Operation, Shattered Web, an initial mission offers three stars in exchange for 16 wins on Inferno in Wingman mode.

Knowing some tips and tricks can make the process easier and so the following guide for both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists will give you an edge over the opposition.

CT side

Use the USP-S’ range

The USP-S (and P2000) excel at range and reward accuracy. You can predict one of three places the Ts will come from so good crosshairs placement can secure you kills and a quick pistol round.

Find a position that is far back enough that you won't be instantly dinked or killed by a fast rush on your position.


Smoke tricks

In low buy rounds, smoking deep on long or at the pipe on short can allow you to make the most of an SMG.

From behind the smoke, you can listen for footsteps and grenades in relative safety. Before it fades, you can choose to push around the smoke to launch a surprise attack on the Ts setting up or no longer waiting for a push.


Quiet in library

Library is a spot that can be utilised by anyone whether they are Silver or Global Elite.

The whole of library is open but there is only one entrance and exit so it is important to not get trapped. You can watch short but must take care to not be shot from apartments at certain angles.

If your partner is on site or in graveyard, you can sit at an angle that allows you to take down any T trying to sneak around from long without exposing yourself.


Balcony view

A CT on balcony can be quite vulnerable. You can be spotted by enemies pushing long, quickly peeked by apartments or caught out by an aware T on short.

If there is a long rush, it is sometimes better to fall off and sit in pit to avoid instant exposure.Staying crouched on the far side of balcony will allow you to be hidden from short while being in a perfect position to deny the plant on default.

The advantage of this spot is that Ts will use utility clearing grave, pit or site before looking up in most instances.


Boomsticks OP

As Wingman is played on a restricted Inferno, leaving only A site and apartments open, close-range weapons can be lethal.

The MAG-7 can easily catch out a T with a single well-placed shot.

As the Ts are seeking to close the distance, you're less likely to come up against the Sawed-Off or any other shotguns on the opposing side.



T side

Gotta go fast

The CTs are able to get into position quickly, so disrupting them and catching them out beforehand can secure the round in your favour.

Rushing short if your spawn is good will prevent a CT from reaching balcony or apartments, while a rush on long could see a wannabe AWPer left headless.

Be careful though. If the CTs expect a rush, they may choose to hide on site and take their chances up close with shotguns which will wreak havoc on your plans for a quick plant.


Patience is a virtue

While you're on the offensive, the CTs might be impatient waiting for your advances. It is worth gauging how aggressive they will be as the frags could well come to you.

Watching the close angles on short and long from mid when you suspect a low buy or shotguns/SMGs on the CTs from a distance can prevent an embarrassing thrown round.


Know your angles

Gain an upper hand by smoking off common spots. Be careful when standing in the usual crosshair placement for the CTs as they might try their luck and fire through it.

While this offers you a safer route towards the site, it also enables a CT to change position without you hearing or spotting them if they walk.


You can also take the fight to the CTs by prefiring, utilising the one-tap potential of the AK or Krieg.

While Inferno is not the best map for T side AWPing, it is certainly possible if you are confident with the gun in similar positions.


Apartment viewing

If the CT steps too far back or runs out of library in that direction, you should be able to kill them before they get any further.

You also get a view of a common site angle that would otherwise be strong against you if you or your teammate has pushed short.


Check site carefully

Inferno's A site has plenty of hiding spots for the CTs and this can be deadly if they are wielding strong close-range weaponry.

While a wallbang onto the box shown below is possible, it can also be prefired when swinging onto site before planting.

It is not recommended that you use this spot post-plant unless you are confident the CT is in apartments or coming from short as it is very exposed if a CT pushes long.