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New CS:GO update fixes dodgeball grenades as community calls for Source 2

While the CS:GO community waits for the Source 2 migration, Valve drops a tiny new CS:GO update.
New CS:GO update fixes dodgeball grenades as community calls for Source 2

There has been a tonne of rumours about CS:GO moving to Source 2, and players are anxiously awaiting Valve to make their move. While Valve does constantly update CS:GO with improvements, the community is getting impatient for the Source 2 migration.

Valve released a tiny new CS:GO update on 2nd June, resulting in a huge flood of messages about Source 2.


New CS:GO update

The new CS:GO update is tiny, and only fixes one issue players have been experiencing. The update fixes "dodgeball grenades", which means grenades can no longer apply impact damage more than once.



While it is nice of Valve to fix this relatively small issue, and continues to improve the game, fans are screaming at the top of their lungs for the CS:GO Source 2 migration.


Calls for CS:GO Source 2

In April, famous streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek shared his thoughts on when Valve would release CS:GO Source 2, noting how Valve would likely respond to the release of Valorant. 

For those who've been living under a rock, Valorant released today, 2nd June 2020. However, Valve has remained quiet on the matter, with fans screaming for CS:GO Source 2. 

Check out some reactions of fans to the new CS:GO update below.







The last tweet perfectly encapsulates how most CS:GO players could be feeling right now. The wait has been a long one, and no official word from Valve makes things even tougher.

It remains to be seen what Valve will add with the CS:GO Source 2 port, and exactly when the developer will release the long-awaited update.

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