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Brazilian football star Neymar shows he is crack shot in CS:GO with Ace

Perhaps once the PSG star hangs up his boots a stint at MIBR is on the cards?
Brazilian football star Neymar shows he is crack shot in CS:GO with Ace

Neymar Jr isn't just a fantastic footballer, and arguably one of the best strikers in the world. He's also an avid gamer, with some serious CS:GO skills. In a recent stream on Twitch, Neymar Jr showed off his CS:GO skills by getting an Ace.

Neymar Jr CS:GO skills

Neymar Jr has some immense shooting skills, not just in football. For those who don't know, an Ace in CS:GO means you've killed all five enemies in a match.

Playing with some of his friends, including André Akkari, the owner of FURIA Esports, Neymar Jr killed all five players.

Neymar Jr CS:GO skills ace

(Picture: Neymar Jr)


To make things even more impressive, this was a pistol round on Inferno, with Neymar Jr being on the CT side.

While his opponents weren't exactly top pros, Neymar Jr's CS:GO skills look incredible, as he missed very few shots before getting his Ace. He even proceeded to defuse the bomb, for good measure.

Neymar Jr has been streaming CS:GO a lot on his Twitch channel, and he has even amassed over 437,000 followers so far.

The football star is clearly very talented, and the CS:GO pro scene is talking about him on Twitter, including the likes of Nathan "NBK" Schmitt, a player for the OG lineup.

Even the official CS:GO Twitter account took notice...