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Best CSGO Diamond Pick'Em Predictions Blast Paris Major 2023

The best CSGO Blast Paris Major 2023 Pick'Ems to ensure the diamond coin!
Best CSGO Diamond Pick'Em Predictions Blast Paris Major 2023

It's no secret that the CSGO Blast Paris Major has been filled with surprises, seeing all the teams we expected to go through the tournament with flying colors befall to defeat upon the great stage; G2, Navi, Furia, and Ence being great household names that unfortunately didn't make the cut. Regardless, it's time to make history by seeing great new and upcoming teams on their way to winning a major. 

Despite most people losing the ability to gain their diamond Pick'Ems coin due to the bombshell of a surprise from teams like "Into the Breach" and "APEKS," overtaking titan teams such as Navi, there are plenty of disappointed fans regarding their already forgotten, obliterated Diamond CSGO Pick'Ems coin. However, another CSGO major has provided excellent thrills, twists, and turnarounds, making a major we will surely remember - especially considering it's the "last" CSGO major with CS2 around the corner.


Best Paris Major Champions Stage Pick'Ems 

To predict these games, you must obtain a gift that no person acquires due to the level of uncertainty there has been throughout the major; good thing Ginx has that gift! 

The most interesting quarter-final between Heroic and Faze Clan will keep the majority of those that desire a diamond coin at the edge of their seats; you couldn't ask for a more iconic game. Navi vs. Faze, Anubis, and Faze are down 10-15 and somehow still bring back the match and win despite Anubis being an incredibly CT-sided match; the best-clutching team in CS history is back. Despite not winning any tournaments this year, Heroic has displayed stellar gameplay throughout, coming second in Rio and Katowice, hence why Heroic is going to beat Faze clan this major and head to the Semifinals.

Quarterfinal against GamerLegion and Monte is probably the closest game between all the contenders, and really not much to discuss due to teams having clean records. Both teams impressed fans in the early stages and put up a good fight. Overall, Monte will beat GamerLegion in the quarterfinals due to Monte only losing a couple of games in the last several weeks.

Team Liquid against Apeks in the quarterfinal, Team Liquid have ultimately come a long way since 2019, and it is strongly believed they are on a roll. With their velocity, indomitable human spirit, and triumph over the Paris Major, there is no doubt Team Liquid beat Apeaks in the quarterfinal.

Another obvious Pick'Em, Vitality against Into the Breach. Vitality being a French team performing in Paris alongside 10,000 screaming French fans, is incredibly likely Vitality will win. Additionally, Into the Breach are incredibly lucky to have made it to the Blast major; unfortunately, they will meet their maker in the quarterfinal and have Vitality beat Into the Breach in the quarterfinal. 

Blast Paris Major Semifinal Pick'ems 

  • Heroic VS Monte - Winner: Heroic 
  • Team Liquid VS Vitality - Winner: Vitality

The final will consist of Heroic vs. Vitality. Heroic has been on an incredible journey over the last couple of years, slowly honing in on a major win after the close call in Rio. Vitality, on the other hand, is an incredibly established and professional team playing the major in their capital city. They are going to rip the throats out of Team Liquid, who fortunately made it this far. Despite Monte and Team Liquid returning home, these are your Diamond Pickems with Heroic and Vitality entering the final:


We finish off with Heroic winning the final CSGO Major before the release of Counter-Strike 2...

That's it for our best Pick'Em predictions for the BLAST Paris Major 2023 Champions stage. Remember, this comes down to both knowledge and luck, and anything can happen in a BO3 single-elimination bracket.