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Stewie2K Steps Away From CSGO Pro Scene To Focus On Streaming

Pro CSGO player Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip announced he'd be "stepping away" from esports to focus on content creation and streaming.
Stewie2K Steps Away From CSGO Pro Scene To Focus On Streaming

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) esports scene is one of the most brutally competitive FPS titles worldwide. Players have to remain at the peak of gameplay for hours on end and still manage to perform superhuman feats most wouldn’t muster.

The North American CSGO scene has prized some of the best talents, including Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip, a veteran and experienced professional player. Also known as the “smoke criminal” for his crazy plays, Stewie2K announced his departure from competitive CSGO via Twitter on 28th July 2022.

Instead, Stewie2K said we would focus strictly on Twitch streaming, as he pursues a new path as a CSGO and Valorant content creator for Evil Geniuses. This news followed the controversy brought up by Evil Geniuses’ former coaching staff surrounding Stewie2 K’s poor performance and attitude in early 2022. 

Stewie2K Says Goodbye To CSGO Esports, For Now

stewie2k steps away csgo pro scene
Stewie2K is "stepping away" from competitive CSGO. (Picture: Instagram / Stewie2K)

It is not uncommon for players to leave the esports scene after years of dedication and competition. Likewise, it's not easy being a pro player, let alone one at the highest caliber of talent and excellence in such a widely-known competitive field for so many years.

CSGO fans saw it first when Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek decided to leave Cloud9’s CSGO team to focus more on his streaming career. Now the community witnessed another legend leaving the scene again. In a Twitter post, Stewie2K revealed he’d be “stepping away” from competitive CSGO to focus on streaming CSGO and Valorant for Evil Geniuses’ Creative Collective.

His announcement followed controversy regarding his performance and attitude as a player toward Evil Geniuses’ former coaching staff. Initially, he was signed and later was a part of the organization’s Blueprint Project, a fifteen-player roster featuring three NA groups.

But because of the remarks of the former coaching staff labeling Stewie2K as unprofessional, the pro player responded, stating the claims were “twisted and overdramatic.” The drama continued to boil, and the project fell through, to which Stewie 2K apologized for his actions.

Stewie2K leaves CSGO esports pro scene stream Valorant Evil Geniuses.
Stewie2K will be streaming CSGO and Valorant content for Evil Geniuses. (Picture: Instagram / Stewie2K)

Fortunately for fans, Stewie2K didn’t state whether the smoke criminal would be leaving for good. So there’s a solid chance Stewie2K might play professionally again, and if not CSGO, probably Valorant. 

Following the example above regarding Shroud, the community has seen Shroud return to esports after signing with Sentinels' Valorant roster to play through the Valorant Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifier. Fans might also possibly see Stewie2K coming back to esports through other games outside of CSGO, so don’t count the smoke criminal out of the action just yet.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Stewie2K.