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Cyberpunk 2077 DLCs leak reveals what to expect from the upcoming content

The leak shows 13 planned DLCs in total, 10 of which will be completely free.
Cyberpunk 2077 DLCs leak reveals what to expect from the upcoming content

To say that Cyberpunk 2077 had a problematic launch would be a serious understatement.

The launch of one of the most anticipated games of the last decade was a complete fiasco, with the game becoming a subject of ridicule instead of praise.

For the Cyberpunk 2077 players, the first three months since the game's release were marked with a myriad of bugs, severe optimisation issues on the last-gen consoles, a number of missing functions that were promised, and an overall disappointment with the state of the game.

As if that wasn't enough, the planned major patch for February has been delayed due to CD Projekt RED being a victim of a cyber attack.

The reputation of a once-beloved developer has been seriously tarnished, and fans have lost almost all respect for the studio that once created The Witcher 3.

Cyberpunk 2077 leaks DLCs expansions new content
Even Keanu Reeves wasn't enough to lessen the disappointment of fans (Picture: CD Projekt RED)

Nonetheless, CD Projekt RED is working on trying to restore a portion of their lost reputation, with patches and hotfixes to get the game into a playable state before focusing on new content.

Speaking of new content, a Reddit user named PricklyAssassin has shared a bunch of interesting details in regards to future expansions for Cyberpunk 2077.

In a now-deleted thread, PricklyAssassin revealed that CD Projekt RED has 13 expansions scheduled for 2021, 10 of which will be completely free.

He explained that he has discovered that via Epic Games Store, which has recently allocated server capacity from 100GB to 500GB for Cyberpunk 2077.

For him, this is a sign of new additions coming in the upcoming months, and to support his claims, he even shared a picture of all the DLCs slated for release, which you can see below.

leaked dlc cyberpunk 2077
Allegedly leaked expansions for Cyberpunk 2077 (Picture: PricklyAssassin/ CD Projekt RED)

The leaked screenshot shows 9 DLCs with a price tag of $0.00, which means that they will be free DLCs, while the remaining three slots are just called "CD Projekt RED" and they will be reserved for bigger and paid expansions.

Here is the full list of leaked free DLCs:

  • Ripperdocs Expansion
  • Body Shops Expansion
  • Fashion Forward Expansion
  • Gangs of Night City
  • Body of Chrome
  • Rides of the Dark Future
  • The Relic
  • Neck Deep
  • Night City Expansion
  • Unnamed

According to this leak, the first three free DLCs will be focused on a character's look and customisation, with Ripperdocs, Body Shops, and Fashion expansions.

Amongst many complaints was the lack of options for customisation, which players saw as particularly egregious for a game heavily focused on a style, self-expression, and freedom to be whatever you want. Hopefully, these DLCs will fix that, and maybe even add barber shops!

The next three DLCs seem to focus more on street life, with expansions themed around gangs, street racing and cars.

Cyberpunk 2077 leaks DLCs expansions new content
Some of these DLCs might add more content around gangs and street racing (Picture: CD Projekt RED)  

Finally, the last three leaked free DLCs are probably adding some side story missions and maybe even new parts of Night City. The leaker claims that there will be another free DLC (10 in total), but he doesn't know anything about that one.

In-between these free DLCs we can expect three major expansions to be released, which are likely to be paid, just like Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone for The Witcher 3.

And while we don't know anything about these three DLCs, we expect them to be fully-fledged expansions, with big new areas of Nigh City, a plethora of new characters to meet, missions to complete, and locations to explore. And of course, all that tied-in with new overarching stories.

As always, take these leaks with a grain of salt, as nothing is certain until developers confirm it.

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