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Cyberpunk 2077's Music: Score, Soundtrack & Radio Stations

Whether you like rock, hip-hop, or electronic music, Cyberpunk 2077 will offer something for you. Here's everything about the score, soundtrack and radio stations in Cyberpunk 2077.
Cyberpunk 2077's Music: Score, Soundtrack & Radio Stations

From the very first announcement of Cyberpunk 2077, it was clear that music was going to be a very important aspect of the game.

The 2013 Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer featured a song named "Bullets" performed by Archive.

The song was almost perfectly synchronized with the events in the teaser, and seven years later, CD Projekt RED is once again showing just how important the music is for the game.

Here's everything you need to know about Cyberpunk 2077 music.

Cyberpunk 2077's score

cyberpunk 2077 music and soundtrack composers
BAFTA award winner Paul Leonard-Morgan worked on the score (Picture: CD Projekt RED)

Creative minds behind the Cyberpunk 2077 score are Marcin Przybyłowicz and P. T. Adamczyk, Polish composers who had previously worked on creating music for The Witcher 3, Gwent, and Thronebreaker.

For Cyberpunk 2077, they are collaborating with Paul Leonard-Morgan, a Scottish composer and BAFTA award winner for the film Reflection upon the Origin of the Pineapple.

The idea behind the Cyberpunk 2077 score is to take cyberpunk elements from the 80s and give them the 90s sound, by combining music genres like EDM, rave and industrial.

The game's music is described as "super dirty and heavy", but also "beautiful and ambient".

According to Cyberpunk 2077's composers, the game features over seven and a half hours of music, and almost every quest in the game will have its unique music.

Cyberpunk 2077's Soundtrack

cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack music
The artists describe the music as “rugged”, “scary, but pretty”, and “psychedelic, trippy, yet uplifting and engaging” (Picture: CD Projekt RED)

Unlike many games set in the (relatively) modern times, Cyberpunk 2077 will feature a completely original soundtrack, with songs made specifically for the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

This, combined with Cyberpunk 2077's Streamer Mode, will not only make things much easier for streamers but will also make the world of the game feel much more unique and original.

For the purpose of Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack, artists all around the world have been invited to create original songs just for Cyberpunk 2077.

You will hear these songs on the radio, in the background, and in the different bars and clubs in Night City.

cyberpunk 2077 music real life artists
Nightlife is flourishing in Night City (Picture: CD Projekt RED) 

Over 150 tracks have been recorded for Cyberpunk 2077. The in-game music was written and produced by many well-known artists, including Rat Boy, Grimes, A$AP Rocky, Nina Kraviz, Run the Jewels, Refused, Gazelle Twin, Ilan Rubin, Richard Devine, Deadly Hunta, and Tina Guo.

These artists will not appear under their real-world names in Night City, rather they will have pseudonyms to suit the game's world.

"The reason I wanted to be a part of Cyberpunk is [because] I know The Witcher is super sick," Grimes explains. "And then I actually got to play a preview of the game, which was f***ing incredible!"

Of course, probably the most important band in the game is Samurai, a legendary chrome rock band portrayed by real-life punk band Refused. Johnny Silverhand, one of the main characters in Cyberpunk 2077 portrayed by Keanu Reeves, is the lead singer of the band, and he is crucial for the story of Cyberpunk 2077.

If you are interested in having the soundtrack as a part of your music collection, we have some good news for you!

Run the Jewels' in-game name is Yankee and the Brave (Picture: CD Projekt RED)

Volume 1 of the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack will release on 11th December, and Volume 2 a week later, on 18th December. The tracklist was revealed by Pitchfork, and you can see it below:


  1. Run the Jewels (Yankee and the Brave): “No Save Point”
  2.  SOPHIE / Shygirl (Clockwork Venus): “BM”
  3.  Le Destroy (The Bait): “Kill Kill”
  4. Yugen Blakrok (Gorgon Madonna): “Metamorphosis”
  5. Konrad Oldmoney (7 Facas): “Dinero” [ft. Cerbeus]
  6. Deadly Hunta / Maro Music (Footage Missing): “When It’s War’
  7. The Armed (Homeschool Dropouts): “Night City Aliens”
  8. Converge (Shattered Void): “I Won’t Let You Go”
  9. Aligns (Rubicones): “Friday Night Fire Fight”
  10. Tomb Mold (Bacillus): “Adaptive Manipulator”
  11. Deafkids (Tainted Overlord): “Selva Pulsátil”


  1. Namakopuri (Us Cracks): “PonPon Shit”
  2. Grimes (Lizzy Wizzy): “Delicate Weapon”
  3. Rat Boy (IBDY): “Who’s Ready for Tomorrow”
  4. HEALTH (Window Weather): “Major Crimes”
  5. Rosa Walton (Hallie Coggins): “I Really Want to Stay at Your House”
  6. Nina Kraviz (Bara Nova): “Surprise Me, I’m Surprised Today”
  7. Raney Shockne (Point Break Candy): “Hole in the Sun” [f. COS and Conway]
  8. Gazelle Twin (Trash Generation): “History”
  9. Poloz (Tinnitus): “On My Way to Hell”

Cyberpunk 2077 radio stations

cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack rat boy
Rat Boy says that he wanted to imagine how it feels like being a character in Cyberpunk 2077 (Picture: CD Projekt RED)

Whether you are in a club, in your apartment, or driving a car through Night City, you can always listen to some of the available radio Soundtrack in Cyberpunk 2077 and enjoy these tracks.

The Cyberpunk 2077 radio stations are:

  • 89.3 Radio Vexelstrom
  • 92.9 Night FM
  • 101.9 The Dirge
  • 103.5 Radio Pebkac
  • 88.9 Pacific Dreams
  • 107.3 Morro Rock Radio
  • 98.7 Body Heat Radio
  • 106.9 30 Principles
  • 96.1 Ritual FM
  • 95.2 Samizdat Radio

Cyberpunk 2077 is set for release on 10 December for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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