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What Is Street Cred & The Max Level Cap In Cyberpunk 2077

Looking to level up your Street Cred or V's character level? Learn how to achieve this through Story missions and side jobs in Cyberpunk 2077.
What Is Street Cred & The Max Level Cap In Cyberpunk 2077

Character progression is paramount in Cyberpunk 2077 as leveling up V will aid them in upgrading their character, earning money, and improving their reputation. As these are the foundation that is helping V find success in Night City, each aspect is uniquely different, and so is leveling up.

While there are similarities between the character and Street Cred, they’re both critical for players to improve and, therefore, max out. This guide explains what Street Cred is, how to level it up, and its max level cap for Street Cred and character level in Cyberpunk 2077.

Street Cred Explained And How It’s Used In Cyberpunk 2077?

cyberpunk 2077 levelling guide what is street cred explained level mechanic side jobs
Street Cred is a unique leveling mechanic which can be advanced by accepting side jobs in Night City. (Picture: CD PROJEKT RED)

Street Cred is another type of leveling mechanic, the other relying on Experience or XP, which influences V’s popularity or notoriety in Night City. This type of character progression indicates your reputation in the city and can be leveled through various means.

To put it mildly, you can level your Street Cred by taking on various jobs like Gigs, Hustles, and other side Jobs and executing specific actions like headshots or takedowns. The best way to boost your Street Cred significantly is by accepting Gigs and Hustles, for which Gigs can be commissioned by fixers and clients themselves.

Some types of Gigs you can take on include Agent Saboteur, Gun for Hire, Special Delivery, and Thievery. Hustles are shorter side jobs V can accept from NCPD, which requires you to investigate Assaults, Organized Crime Activities, and actual crimes.

cyberpunk 2077 levelling guide street cred how to level up side jobs gigs hustles fixers
V can take on Gigs from various clients and fixers found across town. (Picture: CD PROJEKT RED)

Aside from the rewards, you’ll earn Street Cred, which can unlock various clothing and gear options, weapons, Cyberware, and more. Additionally, as your Street Cred rises, more side jobs will become available to V, which can be found on your mobile device.

Lastly, Street Cred will make exclusive vendors available, giving you access to exclusive items. Other vendors may offer more options when increasing your Street Cred, so it may be worth accepting these side jobs and increasing your reputation throughout Night City.

What Is The Max Level Cap For Character, Street Cred & Attributes In Cyberpunk 2077?

As alluded to before, V’s character level is the main leveling mechanic, alongside Street Cred, which depends on Experience or XP received. This mainly contributes to V’s Attributes and Perks you can unlock by spending Attribute Points towards Attributes and Perk Points towards Perks.

cyberpunk 2077 levelling guide max level cap character street cred attribute
Once you've hit Level 50 for Character and Street Cred, you won't be able to earn XP and Street Cred after that. (Picture: CD PROJEKT RED)

In Cyberpunk 2077, the max level cap is Level 50; however, just because you’ve reached the max level doesn’t mean you can upgrade V. This is still possible; however, acquiring Attribute and Perks Points will get more challenging as you’ll stop earning XP.

Likewise, the max level cap for Street Cred is also at Level 50, akin to V’s character level, which you’ll stop earning Street Cred after that. Quite similarly, your max Attributes level is at Level 20 for every Attribute (Body, Cool, Intelligence, Reflexes, and Technical Ability), so you’ll need to plan carefully which Attributes to max out.

The best ways you can gain XP is by completing the main Story missions, exploring Night City and its surrounding locations, and doing side jobs like Gigs and Hustles, as mentioned before. But to gain XP fastest can be achieved through crafting as blueprints or schematics can be acquired from various vendors.

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