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Gold Nuggets & Ingots Crafting In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Give Scrooge McDuck a run for his money with our guide on how to mine Gold Nuggets and Craft Gold Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Gold Nuggets & Ingots Crafting In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you play through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll notice that there are many resources to collect; these are often a staple in crafting items like Dream Shards or progressing through quests in the game. Among the more important materials is Gold.

You can find this material in the form of Gold Ingots and Gold Nuggets. However, given their scarcity, finding these resources can prove difficult. This guide will help you by explaining how to get Gold Nuggets and Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley and the many uses it has in the game.

Gold Nuggets & Ingots Crafting In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gold Ingots are only obtainable through crafting in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To craft them, you'll first need to collect Gold Ingots and smelt them into the precious Gold Ingots. Once you have done this, you can use them in various tasks.

Gold Nuggets & Ingots Crafting In Disney Dreamlight Valley Gold usage for trading and progressing
Gold Ingots have various uses throughout Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Picture: Disney)

Gold Ingots allow you to craft different items, such as furniture, to upgrade your home. You can also use it to progress certain quests required to unlock specific characters. Otherwise, Gold Ingots are the perfect gifts for your friends and can be used to increase their Friendship level, especially for characters like Scrooge McDuck.

Before you can do this, you'll need to find Gold Nuggets. Below, we've listed some of the best locations to mine Gold Nuggets in Disney Dreamlight Vallet. You will need your Pickaxe to mine them; don't be shocked if you struggle to find them, as they are notably rare.

Gold Nugget mining Locations

  • Sunlit Plateau

  • Frosted Heights

  • Forgotten Lands

Once you've got your hands on enough Gold Nuggets, you'll need to grab some Coal, which can be found and mined anywhere throughout the Valley. Afterward, you can use these two materials to begin crafting Gold Ingots at a Crafting Station. 

How to find gold ingots nuggets in disney dreamlight valley
You'll need 5x Gold Ingots and Coal to craft one Gold Ingot at the Crafting Station. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

Once at the Crafting Station, head into the Refined Material section and select Gold Ingot. Crafting a single Gold Ingot will require five Gold Nuggets and one Coal in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so make sure you have enough of both materials.

Congratulations! Now you can begin using the Gold Ingots to upgrade your home and trade with other characters around Dreamlight Valley to progress the game and increase your overall wealth.

And that's everything you need to know to find Gold Nuggets and craft Gold Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney / Gameloft.