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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Secrets of Eternity Isle Guide

Get your A Rift in Time journey rolling by completing The Secrets of Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Secrets of Eternity Isle Guide
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The first major expansion for Disney Dreamlight Valley has arrived, and A Rift in Time will lead to you uncovering The Secrets of Eternity Isle. This entirely new location is filled with its own unique critters and quests, but you'll need to knock one out before you can get everything else rolling.

We'll go over every step of how to complete The Secrets of Eternity Isle from your first conversation with Jafar to passing through the Ancient Gate. Before you can get EVE, Gaston, or Rapunzel, you'll have to finish The Secrets of Eternity Isle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Secrets of Eternity Isle Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023-12-05 16-12-37

You'll find many things are entirely different on Eternity Isle than what you normally deal with in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but fortunately once you nestle in the familiarity will come back. You'll have to finish The Port of Many Worlds to make it there. Speak to Jafar at a Hologram Station pedastal once you've arrived to start The Secrets of Eternity Isle.

Splinters of Fate are Eternity Isle's version of Night Thorns and are cleared the same way by using your magic. Once you've cleared some, you can head up the main staircase at The Docks to reach the Ancient Gate. There will be another Hologram Station to the right of the door, and speaking to Jafar once more will send you on the quest for the Ancient Sphere.

Find the pieces of the Ancient Sphere and repair it at a Crafting Station

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The spawn locations for the Ancient Sphere pieces may vary, but in our run one was near Scrooge McDuck's shop and the other was near the well up the stairs towards the Ancient Gate. Either way, you want to look for the sparkling spots in the ground like you see above.

Dig them up with your Shovel and go speak to Jafar at the Hologram Station. He'll instruct you to use a Crafting Station (which should be beside your house) to repair the Ancient Sphere and combine the two pieces.

How to Finish The Secrets of Eternity Isle

Disney Dreamlight Valley-2023_12_05-23_29_36

Once you've repaired the Ancient Sphere at your Crafting Station, head back to the Ancient Gate and look for the receptacle to the left of the door. You'll place the Ancient Sphere from your inventory, and the gate will finally open.

Pass through and you'll speak to Jafar one final time to complete this quest. Jafar will then task you with finding The Flying Metal Nuisance, which is how you'll get EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley.