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Dead By Daylight - Rebecca Chambers Lore Explained

Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil Project W releases soon, and Rebecca Chambers is one of the Survivors. Here is all of her lore explained.
Dead By Daylight - Rebecca Chambers Lore Explained

The upcoming Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil chapter, Project W, features the fan-favorite character Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil Zero and the movie Resident Evil: Vendetta as one of the Survivors.

Rebecca Chambers is a knowledgeable healer with lots of experience in biochemistry, and her perks and mythology in the game reflect her gentle personality. This guide details Rebecca Chambers' lore in Dead by Daylight and explains how she fits in in the Fog.

Dead by Daylight - Rebecca Chambers Lore

dead by daylight rebecca chambers
Rebecca Chambers is a knowledgeable healer and prodigy. (Picture: Capcom)

Unlike Ada Wong and Albert Wesker, Rebecca Chambers is only featured in one Resident Evil game and movie, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil: Vendetta, respectively - so there's not much speculation regarding which era she is from.

Rebecca Chambers' arrival in Dead by Daylight's Fog seems to occur during the events of Resident Evil Zero, during Chambers' missions with STARS' Bravo Team.

In her Dead by Daylight lore, Rebecca is described as a "child prodigy," much like her persona in the Resident Evil franchise. She graduated college with a degree in biochemistry at age 18 and quickly joined the Raccoon City Police Department's special tactics division, STARS.

As the youngest member of STARS and Bravo Team's field medic, Rebecca frequently went out on field missions with Bravo Team.

rebecca chambers dead by daylight lore
Rebecca Chambers tried to fight back against The Entity but couldn't save herself from being taken by the Fog. (Picture: Capcom)

According to her Dead by Daylight lore, she found a thick fog on one of her assignments to an underground Umbrella facility one day. After approaching it, she was quickly sucked in, and ended up in the Entity's realm to compete endlessly in its trials among the other survivors and killers.

Just before the Entity took her, she found herself unable to struggle against it; the lore mentions that she reached for her handgun but could not find it. This aligns with past accounts of both survivors and killers that they were unable to fight against the Entity's grasp.

Now you know Rebecca Chambers' Dead by Daylight lore and how she ended up in Dead by Daylight's Fog.

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