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How To Find The Hatch In Dead By Daylight

If you find yourself stranded as the last survivor in Dead by Daylight, you'll need to find an alternative route of escape. Here's how to find the hatch.
How To Find The Hatch In Dead By Daylight

Your goal in Dead by Daylight is to complete all five generators and power the exit gates to escape. But what if you're the last survivor? If the exit gates haven't been powered, you might have to find another way to get out, and that's the hatch.

Learning how to find the hatch is critical to surviving in Dead by Daylight if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation.

Here's how to find the hatch so you can escape more matches and evade the killer's grasp during one of the most important matches in a trial.

How To Find The Hatch In Dead By Daylight

dead by daylight hatch
If you're the last survivor, the hatch is often the best means of escape. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

In Dead by Daylight, the hatch only spawns in the trial if you are the last survivor remaining. You will know the hatch has spawned and is open if there is a hatch icon in the bottom left of the HUD next to the exit gate icon.

The hatch spawns in a different location every match, and each map has different hatch spawns, so you can't memorize its location - you'll have to look for it.

To find the hatch, you'll first want to listen around for it. The hatch emits a loud sound that can be heard for a long distance, so it's important to keep your ears and eyes open as you search.

It's a good idea to check around the shack if the map has a killer shack, as the hatch tends to spawn here rather frequently.

Some offerings can also affect where the hatch spawns, so check if any other survivors play one before the match begins.

Perks To Help Find The Hatch In Dead By Daylight

bill overbeck left behind dead by daylight find the hatch
Bill Overbeck's Left Behind perk is helpful in finding the hatch. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

If you often find yourself as the last survivor and have trouble finding the hatch, consider equipping perks to help you find the hatch.

Bill Overbeck's Left Behind shows you the location of the hatch when you're somewhat nearby, making it a great choice. Mikaela Reid's Clairvoyance can also show you the hatch - but you'll need to make sure you're not holding an item, and that you've cleansed a totem to earn the perk's benefit before the end of the game.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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