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Dead By Daylight Update 7.0.0 Buffs, Nerfs and Tweaks Roundup

Dead By Daylight PTB 7.0.0 includes a new killer, new map, killer tweaks, and many more changes.
Dead By Daylight Update 7.0.0 Buffs, Nerfs and Tweaks Roundup

Dead By Daylight PTB 7.0.0 is out today, 23rd May, with a brand new killer, a new map, a new survivor, perk changes, and killer tweaks. With this being the 7th-anniversary chapter, it makes sense that developers have a lot in store for players to try out on the Steam PTB.

Here's a look at the most important new content coming in this Dead By Daylight PTB 7.0.0 and what fans can expect when the major update hits live servers.

The new Dead By Daylight PTB 7.0.0 introduces the new killer - The Singularity, a new survivor - Gabriel Soma, and a new map - Toba Landing. All of these characters and content are included in the sci-fi-themed chapter Chapter 28: End Transmission. But what else has it changed? Let's take a look.

dead by daylight 7th anniversary killer
Dead by Daylight''s PTB 7.0.0 follows the release of the game's 7th-anniversary chapter. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Perk Changes

The PTB also comes with some changes to commonly used perks; Deja Vu's generator reveals now work indefinitely, creating a Flashbang using Leon Kennedy's perk no longer requires you to be empty-handed, and The Clown's Pop Goes The Weasel will now regress a generator by 30% of its existing progress rather than 20%.

Killer Tweaks

To top off the perk changes and array of new content, several killers' addons - including The Artist's Ink Egg, The Nemesis' Tyrant Gore, and The Trickster's Lucky Blade - have been changed. Additionally, some killers have seen changes to their powers; The Executioner's Punishment of the Damned now inflicts Torment, and the Ghost Face's movement speed while crouching has been increased while his Night Shroud recharge time was decreased.

New Features

The last features to be added in the PTB include a range of quality-of-life updates. You'll be able to search for perks by name when creating loadouts, and items have been categorized into new sections - survivor items (like Flashlights and Toolboxes), special items (which include killer-specific items like the Lament Configuration, VHS tapes, and more), and temporary items, which fit in neither of the prior categories and include items that survivors can't take with them out of the match, like Flashbangs and Glyphs from challenges.

Those are a sampling of the changes included in Dead by Daylight's PTB 7.0.0 update, hitting Steam on 23 May. For a look at everything included in the update, check out the Dead by Daylight patch notes.

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