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Dead By Daylight End Transmission Start Time Countdown: Chapter 28 Update

Dead By Daylight's Chapter 28 is coming up soon, so here's what we know about the killer, survivor, map, perks and more.
Dead By Daylight End Transmission Start Time Countdown: Chapter 28 Update

Dead by Daylight's Chapter 27 - Tools of Torment released in March 2023, featuring the new killer The Skull Merchant and a duo of twin survivors. The major update also included a visual overhaul, changes to perks, and more, leaving players excited for what might come next. But now that Chapter 27 is in the books, Dead by Daylight Chapter 28: End Transmission is here on the PTB in May 2023, featuring a new sci-fi killer, survivor, and map. Here's all of the new content included in Dead by Daylight Chapter 28, from the characters to the map and other content. 

13 June 2023 - Checked for any new information related to Dead by Daylight Chapter 28: End Transmission.

Dead By Daylight End Transmission Start Time

Latest News & Leaks

We'll be sure to keep you updated on all the most recent news and leaks, just below:

12 June 2023 - Dead by Daylight End Transmission Starts Tomorrow

If you've been living under a rock and need a recap on what's coming tomorrow, then have a watch of this spotlight video.

2 June 2023 - Come Question The Dead By Daylight Developers

Have you got questions about Chapter 28? Come join the devs for a chat on Reddit.

Just head over to r/deadbydaylight on June 7th to put some questions to the team. 

23 May 2023 - End Transmission Chapter 28 Starts Today

Dead By Daylight Chapter 28: End Transmission goes live today.

We'll be sure to add the latest patch notes from the PTB as soon as they drop.

19 May 2023 - DBD Anniversary Recap
19 May 2023 - Today is the day! 

Dead by Daylight’s Year 7 Anniversary Broadcast is coming later today, including details on Chapter 28.

Tune in on Twitch and YouTube at 1:00 PM EST.

The Dead By Daylight Anniversary Stream Starts In
18 May 2023 - Dead By Daylight's Anniversary Stream Has Been Brought Forward

Are you ready? The Developers have also confirmed a list of the subjects they'll be covering during the event, including:

  • Year 8 Roadmap
  • Chapter 28 Reveal
  • Gameplay Improvements
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • Dead by Daylight: What Lies Ahead
  • A Look at the Store
  • 7th Anniversary In-game Celebrations 
17 May 2023 - Dead By Daylight's Anniversary News Leaked

Out of respect for the developers, we're not sharing any of the numerous leaks here - including various details about Chapter 28 - because it's literally everything Behavior planned to announce at the Anniversary stream next week.

As a reminder though, they have officially confirmed that Nic Cage is coming to Dead By Daylight.

16 May 2023 - DBD Anniversary Leaks!

Looks like the Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary Stream announcement has leaked (more details on the link).

Hopefully, this means we'll be learning more about Season 28 very soon!

9 May 2023 - Season 28 Teasers coming this week?

Surely we're at the point where we're going to start seeing some teasers for the new season or 7th Anniversary? We'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled this week...

5 May 2023 - Anniversary Chapter Killer, Survivor, Power, And More Leaked

Just a few weeks after dataminer and Dead by Daylight leaker Leaks by Daylight published the release date of the upcoming anniversary chapter, they have now published a new report providing fans with information about the killer, their power, and the new survivor. 

According to the leak, the chapter will feature all original characters. The killer will be called The Singularity, boasting a power called Dimensional Rift. This power will allow him to create two portals on flat surfaces and then teleport between them, creating a blast that makes nearby survivors scream and reveal their auras to him when he does so.

Similar to The Demogorgon's Portals to the Upside Down, survivors can close The Singularity's portals to prevent the killer from teleporting to them. The leak also mentioned that the "power of the killer becomes stronger as the game goes on."

The new survivor will be named Gabriel Soma, though none of his survivor perks have been revealed thus far.

2 May 2023 - New Chapter Coming This Month

We expect that Chapter 28 will release in the second week of June, which means we should see more from the new chapter in May, because it will have to first release on the PTB.

It's going to be a busy month!

28 April 2023 - No Alien announcement it seems

Well, if people were expecting some sort of announcement on Alien Day (26 April) they must surely be pretty disappointed

Guess we'll just have to wait a few more weeks to find out what Behavior have got cooking.

24 April 2023 - Chapter 28 Release Date Leaked

According to Leaks by Daylight, the new Dead by Daylight chapter 28 is set to release on 13 June 2023, with an anniversary live stream and the Steam Public Test Build taking place on 23 May 2023.

18 April 2023 - Plenty more people think the next chapter is Alien themed

Looks like those Alien rumors are hotting up on Reddit...


7 April 2023 - Chapter 28 Leaks Roundup

Longtime Dead By Daylight YouTuber Schmuckles who has taken a look at some of the most up-to-date info and rumors relating to Chapter 28.

We'd suggest giving the video below a watch, but for now, here's the video description:

"This video overviews the newest rumors and theories regarding the new killer for the upcoming 7 year anniversary chapter in Dead by Daylight. It seems like Malignant, Alien or an Original chapter seem most likely thought big wildcard licenses like Springtrap, Jason Voorhees, Candyman and Pennywise still seem possible but not probable."

Dead By Daylight Chapter 28 Killer: The Singularity

Chapter 28's killer is The Singularity, a rogue AI from an alien planet. Once designed to help humans settle on their new planet, this AI, also known as HUX-A7-13, is now out to kill anyone in its path.

The Singularity can use its Biopods to rapidly move around the map and find and attack survivors. If you're curious about the best builds for the Singularity, we've already created a helpful guide here.

The Singularity Perks

  • Genetic Limits: When a Survivor finishes the healing action, they suffer the Exhausted status effect for 24/28/32 seconds.
  • Forced Hesitation: When a Survivor is put into the dying state by any means, all other Survivors standing within 16/16/16 meters around them suffer the hindered Status effect for 10/10/10 seconds, reducing their Movement speed by 15%. This perk goes on cooldown for 60/50/40 seconds.
  • Machine Learning: After performing the damage generator action, Machine Learning activates.While this perk is active, the next generator you damage will be compromised until it is completed. The generator is highlighted in Yellow. When the compromised generator is completed, you become undetectable and gain 7% Haste for 20/25/30 seconds. Then, Machine Learning deactivates. If you break a gen while another generator is compromised, the compromised generator moves to the latest one kicked.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 28 Survivor: Gabriel Soma

Gabriel Soma is chapter 28's survivor, one of the humans from the planet on which Singularity was placed. He's an engineer from many years into the future, and all three of his perks reflect that. He was raised on Toba Landing, having believed that he lived a happy life with his parents thanks to memory implants.

Gabriel Soma Perks

  • Troubleshooter: When you are chased by the Killer, this perk activates. You see the aura of the Generator with the most progress. You see the aura of the Killer for 4/5/6 seconds after dropping a Pallet. The effect lasts for 6/8/10 seconds after being in chase, then deactivates.
  • Made for This: This perk activates while you are in the injured state. You run 1/2/3% faster. After you finish healing another Survivor, gain the endurance status effect for 6/8/10 seconds. Made for This cannot be used when suffering from Exhaustion but does not cause the Exhausted Status Effect.
  • Scavenger: While you are holding an empty toolbox, this perk activates. Succeeding a great skill check while repairing gives the perk 1 token, up to 6/5/4. When you reach maximum tokens, lose all tokens automatically recharge the toolbox to full. Scavenger is disabled for the remainder of the Trial after recharging a toolbox. This perk grants the ability to rummage through an opened chest once per Trial and will guarantee a basic Toolbox.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 28 Map: Toba Landing

Toba Landing is Dead By Daylight's newest map and is the birthplace of Gabriel Soma, as well as the place where the Singularity was created and placed. Toba Landing has two biomes, one being a jungle with the other being a rocky area.

Here's the official description for the map:

"The Landing was a promise for humanity to rebuild on a new planet. The climate resources were ideal to start anew, until all went wrong, and a new lifeform takes over and it has no connection to humanity. The environment is split in two distinct biomes. A rocky and bare area that will give players a more open space to explore. A destroyed vehicle encased on spiky rocks serves as a testament of a fierce battle and can now serves as a landmark. On the opposite side of the map a lush and busy jungle will give the players a claustrophobic feeling even outside. The vegetation although menacing can be used by the survivors to hide and wait for the real threat to pass by.

Between the two biomes the Toba Landing, now a desolate remnant of what was once a second chance of life is now a carcass of advanced technology. Players will be able to explore every level from underneath, all the way to the top of the structure.

This planet looks wild and untouched, but the more you look around, it is possible to notice a civilization once thrived and left evidence of its presence on some familiar elements, such as the shack and the exit gate.

Wildlife is present in the environment and a good guide to help players find their way around. Enigmatic blue flowers seem to feed on the energy of the entity and light up when source of energy like generators and exit gates are around."

Dead By Daylight Chapter 28 Release Date

Dead By Daylight Chapter 28: End Transmission came to the Steam PTB on May 23rd at 11 am EDT and was available for one week.

The full chapter willcome out on all platforms on 13 June 2023 at 11 am EDT.

That's it for Dead By Daylight Chapter 28, including the potential killer, survivor, map, and more.

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