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Best ring in Demon's Souls on PS5: How to get the Cling Ring

A step-by-step guide to finding the Cling Ring in Demon's Souls on PS5, arguably the best ring in the game for beginners.
Best ring in Demon's Souls on PS5: How to get the Cling Ring

There's a handful of new rings in Demon's Souls on PS5, as Bluepoint has added their own twists to the already daunting experience. However, one ring which you can obtain early on in the game is still arguably the best Demon's Souls ring you can get. It is called the Cling Ring, and every single new Demon's Souls player should get it, or face a tougher time against Boletaria's monstrosities.

Why is Cling Ring the best in Demon's Souls?

Before we get to the guide on how to find the Cling Ring, you probably need an explanation about why this is the best out of all 30 rings, especially for beginners. For all this to make sense, you first need to know about the Human and Soul form mechanic.

If you die (which you will, hundreds of times), you will respawn in Soul Form. In this form, you have 50% of the hitpoints you have in Human Form. To get back to Human Form, you need to consume a rare item, the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, or defeat a boss.

Best Demon's Souls ring PS5 how to get cling ring

Basically, to get back to Human Form is difficult, and when you die in Human Form, the World Tendency will shift a little bit towards black. Therefore, you will stay in Soul Form for most of your time with the game, unless you are an absolute Soulsborne pro.

The Cling Ring is the best in Demon's Souls from all 30 rings for one simple reason. Now that you understand how important Soul Form is, equipping the Cling Ring means you will retain 75% of your health in Soul Form. From 50 to 75% is a massive difference, and can mean a boss doesn't one-shot you.


Cling Ring: Location and how to get

Now that you know just how important the Cling Ring is, we will tell you how to get it. Thankfully, the Cling Ring can be found early on in the game, even before the first real boss, the Phalanx demon.

If you are following the best path for beginner's via our guide, your first Archstone via the Nexus takes you to the Gates of Boletaria. This is also the first proper area in the game, and you might die multiple times before actually getting to the Cling Ring.

From the beginning of the level, make your way up the first round of stares, taking down some slow undead enemies in the process. At the top of the stairs, you will see a massive gate. Look left and you will see a barred gate, with a corpse and a shiny glowing object on it. That's the Cling Ring, the best darn ring in Demon's Souls...but you can't get it yet.

Best Demon's Souls ring PS5 how to get cling ringA few from the top of the wall (Picture: Bluepoint)

Turn left up the small flight of stairs close to the gate and keep taking out enemies along the way. As you continue down the path, you will head into the castle wall and start moving upwards.

Once you've reached the top, take a left and you will now be on the actual castle wall. There's a dangerous, blue-eyed enemy in front of a foggy door. Take it out but instead of entering through the door, continue forward to a door at the opposite side of the wall you are currently running on.

This door leads all the way back down several flights of stairs. There are some nasty enemies with fire attacks, so take them out slowly and with caution. Use a firebomb or two when necessary.

At the bottom, you will find a lever. Pull it to open the shortcut to the first big flight of stairs. You will notice the corpse with the Cling Ring on it, which you saw earlier. Claim the best ring in Demon's Souls as your own.

If you prefer a visual guide, YouTuber Joe Hammer Gaming shows you how to get the Cling Ring in the video below.

With the Cling Ring now in your possession, equip it for a fantastic boost in hitpoints while in Soul Form. Throughout your journey in Demon's Souls, you will encounter dozens of other rings. However, none will have the same impact the Cling Ring has.